An insight into Chaos.


Before I start piecing outfits together, I thought a should share a few snap shots of my collection thus far. We'll start from the bottom. 

Considering I only own one pair of legs, and I can only wear (according to society) one pair at a time, I do own a fair amount of trouser bottoms. 

I'm sure I have left some out of the following pictures, as inevitably things will be in the washing machine. 

Please also bear with me, with the photography, my beloved Nikon has caught a cold and is currently being shipped for repair. Once it's back and safely in my hands, photography will inevitably improve, until then, my iPhone 5s will have to do. (See i told you this would be chaos) 

19 Pairs of Trousers & Jeans 

And you know what? I love each and every pair of these, have I worn them all? No, But darn, my wardrobe innards look pretty. 

18 Skirts.

6 Pairs of Shorts

Okay, so if you’re keeping count and also counting the trousers, (Hello mum) I may have a few too many items in the "Bottoms" category.

Realisation: No on needs this many skirts. Especially in London. Especially when they are running out of space to even exist in their own bedroom without being strangled by a stray trouser leg, belt or scarf.

Getting to the top..

Safe to say, there are a lot of tops. 12ish Jumpers, 17ish shirts, 11ish tops, 7ish vest tops I could go on.

30ish Dresses, confined to their own one door of my three door wardrobe,

I haven’t counted the shoes in a while, but there probably around 50 pairs…

Considering I never actually wear a belt. I have a lot of Belts…

And lastly, outerwear, 3 Cardigans, 15 Blazers and 14 Coats and a Cape. 12 Handbags, 3 Hats

TWC x 

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