Stila convertible color dual lip & cheek cream


Just one more blush product? 

I love Blusher. Which, considering the Rosacea is a tad ironic no? It is true, I have my own, constant, persistent redness, which when only slightly pink, I could pass off as a natural English Rose glow if i covered the glowing red nose in the middle of my cheeks. But I don't, instead I spend a good 5 minutes covering and concealing and then adding a nice tap of blusher just to the apples of my cheeks. 

My favourite at the moment is a cream blush, which I actually never thought I would get into, considering my favourite blusher is a powder. 

I've also not found a brush to apply this stuff with yet and I dislike using my fingers A LOT when it comes to applying my make up. 

Stila lip & cheek cream is a great multitasking product, if like me, you'd rather not carry around a load of products every day this is ideal.

I picked it up in colour Gerbera, which is peachy pink with slight orange undertones, meaning if i was slightly tanned, or was just looking to add a bit of blush to a bronzed look, this is perfect. 

I find it's easy to build, and completely pliable. I was warming it up between my fingers and patting it into my skin. I found that by starting with a small amount I could layer the product, without looking to caked in make up. 

It's a beautiful soft texture, isn't sticky, and doesn't leave your hands feeling caked either, Stila do recommend using a brush to apply, however, creams, brushes and me just aren't a good mix. 

The colour is beautiful and the handy mirror means if you're in need of a lip or cheek top out throughout the day, it's easily done. I will say as well, that the actual compact is pretty weightless.I can see this being a staple on a night out when I'm only bringing a few make up bits to touch up my look as the night goes on. 

I found the colour a great day-lip colour as well, just for a fresh faced look, when I wanted a lip colour, but nothing to intense, The dual-use product is available on the Stila website, for £16 and can be found here in a variety of colours, for every skin tone. 

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?


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