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La Roche Posay Rosalic UV Riche


Finding a daily moisturiser is a bit of task if you ask me. I had a holy grail in Dr Nick Lowe's Supercharged Day Cream, SPF 15, but sadly that was discontinued, since then I've been bouncing from day cream to day cream .

I got this from Feel Unique, at the start of winter, as I'd read it was good for those with persistent redness (not necessarily Rosacea) So I thought I would give it a go. 

So two months, in here is my review. 

For this winter, I opted for the La Roche Posay Rosalic UV Riche, It also comes in Light, if your skin isn't to dry, you can find it here, on Feel Unique. The Rosalic UV Riche is designed for dry to very dry skin prone to sensitivity. I wanted a richer daily moisturiser for the colder months, to protect against the cold winds and colder climate, as well as protecting from the heating in doors. I always look for UVA and UVB protection in my daily moisturiser, even in winter. 

As we're not to used to the UVB rays in the UK, we're only accustomed to putting on SPF during the summer months and generally forget that we also need to apply during the winter. 

UVA rays, are the ones that age you, so it's all well and good protecting against the UVB, to prevent skin damage, but add a dose of UVA protection into a moisturiser and you've got yourself a keeper. 

The added green tint masks redness, and the non-comedogenic formulation means that you're not over clogging pores,  

At first look, the green tint to the moisturiser is promising, to counter redness green is perfect opposite to mask it, at first touch it is creamy and turns almost oil like on the skin when being blended in and soaks into the skin nicely. Initially I did find this a bit heavy and found when being rubbed it turned into an oil like texture, but absorbed quickly.

The green tint to the cream doesn't linger, but subtly masks the redness, whilst keeping the skin hydrated. 

I found this to have long lasting moisture, and was perfect at keeping my skin hydrated past 3pm and avoiding that dry worn out look after sitting in front of the air conditioning all day. 

With an SPF 15 it's perfect for the winter months, more scientifically, "A patented Mexoryl XL filter system provides the SPF 15 and UVA protection."

From a personal perspective, it doesn't smell, it keeps me hydrated all day and keeps my make up in check, works well with both a mattifying primer and a hydrating primer, even without a primer, I found that my make up stayed on pretty well with very few top ups. I generally have to top up around my nose throughout the day either way.

As a moisturiser goes, for the price (£16.50), I found it on the small size, 50ml, and I'm not a fan of the packaging, however it does the job and La Roche Posay is a brand I have found I can always rely on. The Rosalic range is a staple part of my skincare regime, and is a go to when my Rosacea is particularly horrendous. 

You can find, the Rosalic UV Riche here


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