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Ole Henriksen - Pure Truth Melting Cleanser


 During Cleanser Roulette I found this little gem. 

I am a big fan of multiple cleanses, I always take my make up off before I cleanse, or I feel like I'm just smushing runny make up around my face. 

The Ole Henriksen pure truth melting cleanser, is an excellent little addition to my cleanser wardrobe. 

The soft texture of the geleé means it glides over the face to melt away the day. 

The geleé is perfect for the winter, designed to wipe away the day without wiping away our skins natural oils, it helps keep skin hydrated and nourished. 

I have mostly used this in the evening, as I feel this is when my skin needs the most nourishment. After a day of battling the cold winds and central heating in the office, and if I'm honest, I'm not great at staying hydrated sometimes, this is a real skin treat. 

I start by applying a few blobs around my face (both cheeks, nose, chin and forehead), as it's being massaged into the skin, Pure Truth turns into a smooth oil, once it is all massaged in, rinse with warm water and it turns into a milk like texture as it melts away taking all the daily impurities with it. 

Rosacea side note, this hasn't flared me up. I do believe that the non-flare is due to the Rose Hip oil, which I have found to help me in the past.

Containing other Wintry goodness such a Vitamin C, known to stimulate collagen production and containing cherry oils too. Aside from Rose Hip helping the Rosacea, being a natural source of not one, but 3 essential omega oils (3,6&9) it repairs the skin, keeping the skin nourished, which is essential all year round if you ask me, but especially relevant in winter. 

Another Rosacea side note, the Cherry Oil can help with reducing the appearance of redness and supporting the skin in remaining hydrated. 

I love using this, and find its perfect at restoring moisture in the skin lost throughout the day, I did find that it look a few days for me to get used to the texture, as im used to either a moose like texture, or a cream cleanser. 

Based on my experience with this product, I would recommend this for a Rosacea sufferer, who has naturally dry skin and for those with normal / combination skin. 

You can purchase Ole Henriksen from Feel Unique, here RRP £24.00. 


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