La Roche Posay Rosalic AR Intense


Skincare is a big part of my life, I live and breath it. 

I generally put things on my face with reckless abandon and deal with whatever red mess decides to rear it's ugly head later. With this in mind, it's good to know what products can be there for you when you over do it on the Glycolic, or, against all better judgement, you use a thermal cleanser (tsk tsk) 

One major part of my emergency skincare kit, and general day to day handling of my skin is the Rosalic AR Intense serum. 

After much deliberation on whether or not to stop with the skincare experiments, or just strengthen my emergency kit, I chose the latter. So that I could continue on my hunt for the most amazing skincare and LRP Rosalic AR Intense Serum, is not only part of my every morning routine, but is a part of my emergency set up too. 

This came into my life in late 2015, after a long and strenuous search for a particular LRP Effaclar cleanser which has since disappeared from the shelves once again. I found my cleanser, and subsequently received a generous amount of samples from My Dermacenter, and retailers really need to follow suit on this, because I have repurchased many things based on these samples.

The Rosalic AR Intense serum arrived in a little one hit wonder, application so I gave it a go.. I liked it. So I bought it, and I stocked up when it was on offer with Feel Unique. I've been playing Cleanser roulette for months, I shan't be doing that with my serum. 

Cleanser Roulette: When a brand discontinues a particular cleanser you were fond off, or goes out of stock and there's no word from their camp of when it'll be back in stock so you start using anything and everything to clean your face. Also works with Eyeliner Roulette, Moisturiser Roulette and soon on. 

Since my sample bonanza from My Dermacenter I've found some good'uns, but this serum is in my top 5 products without a doubt, and it's the most reasonably priced. At a bargainous £17,50 from Feel Unique you really can't go wrong.

Why I like it. 

It doesn't smell. Of anything. 
It's not sticky. 
It absorbs quickly
It leaves my skin feeling nourished, 
It doesn't sting on the areas of redness
I think it works. 

Whilst I have had some lifestyle flare ups whilst using this, It has soothed redness and hasn't made me flare up. Its very nourishing as well, I feel like the skin is being fed when I use it. Rosacea is a bit hit and miss when it comes to products, I've used products specifically for Rosacea and my skin has a had a meltdown, and equally I've used an acid toner and my skin has carried on happily. 

When i first pumped this out, I'll admit the colour put me off putting it on my face, it's almost like a snotty colour? However, appearance isn't everything so I gave it a full two weeks of night and day usage, and I felt a difference, before I a difference. My make up went on smoother, and stayed longer, because actually my skin was hydrated enough and it didn't need to drink my foundation. 

Designed for dry, sensitive skin, This is staying in my winter skincare kit, and whilst I don't use it every night. sometimes the skin calls for 
something heavier, It is part of my every morning routine, without fail. 

The lightweight texture and and the almost Gel/Serum texture means a little bit goes a long way, I generally use a pump and a half and me entire face is done. Drying time, we're talking 15-20 seconds, so if like me, you prefer a little snooze time in the morning, this could be a serum for you. 

Whilst the serum does have a colour, when on the skin, it doesn't as seen above in the swatch and then once I'd massaged the product in. 

A winner on all fronts if you ask me. Even if you don't suffer with Rosacea but are prone to dry skin, this non-comodogenic formula is perfect for those of us who are a little bit oily or prone to blocked pores and breakouts too!


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