Empties - Volume 1


EMPTIES. Volume 1 in 2016.

Hair Care

KMS California Tame Frizz 

Received this in a Birchbox and I'm tempted to buy it full size, Really did the trick for my fine, flyaway hair without weighing it down, or making it look greasy. Great texture, nice and light and honestly, you only need a little bit. My hair is quite long (boob length) and this lasted about 5 months and i used it with every wash.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence. 

I love this more every time I use it. First got last year in a Birchbox, have since repurchased on feel unique when it's been on offer. I find smells lovely and as part of my hair recovery programme this fits in nicely. It's not to heavy, or sticky, you can't feel it on the hair which is a bonus. I find most heat sprays 

The Rest

Theirry Mugler, Alien

This smell reminds me of being at uni, I always have one of these on the go because, sometimes, I need reminding of how far I've come since graduating. Comforting, yet motivational. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Staple. I have about 4 of these backed up in my back up draw. I'm not sure what I would do If I ran out. Cry probably. I do cleanse again after this, but I love the smoothness of this pre-cleanse step. Also, dirty secret alert, if I wake up really late and I'm in a rush I just use this in on a few cotton pads to sweep over my face before moisturising and doing my face and nothing bad happens, no spots, no gross feeling, it's revolutionary.

La Roche Posay Effaclar H

Foaming cleanser is the things clean faces are made of. This was the last of this stuff, after I bought loads last year, and I cant find any more. ANYWHERE. If anyone has any they don't want / use and want's to send it my way, please do. I even looked in EVERY chemist I walked past in Lille the other week and kept asking for it and no luck. I love this, I genuinely think it's got a brilliant texture, it's gets all the grime off without being harsh and doesn't burn my face off when I have a Rosacea flare up. So win win. 

Estee Lauder Eye Make Up Remover

Hiding at the back there, this oil free bundle of joy was a welcomed edition to my routine, I do find that Micellar doesn't shift mascara as well. My mascara is waterproof so it does need a little helpful encouragement when being removed. 

Lastly, Estee Lauder Revitilizing Supreme

I'm not entirely sure this did my Rosacea any good. But boy was my skin soft. An actual blessing when it was cold out, perfect post sauna when I feel If breath to heavy my skin my crack. Lovely texture, but be careful of the amount, as to much can cause it to be sticky I found and Also, warming it up in your fingers / hands before hand works a treat. 


Gazelli Triple Youth Serum

Love this, this can also be mixed with moisturiser for an extra boost. I do find it a little sticky for my liking, but the results are incredible. Soft, smooth and glowing skin is worth the sticky texture!

Dream Screen

I really liked this, it reminded me of the LRP Anthelios Ultra-light fluid in texture, it dries matte, which I like and doesn't feel greasy, as some SPF products do. I'm also glad benefit have this on offer, as their general day cream doesn't contain SPF (grumble) 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

If I could afford this full size, I would buy it. I bloody loved this little sample, I had it turned upside down for days to get every last drop. I can't say if it made my Rosacea flare or not, my skin was quite well behaved during usage, but I was quite spotty before hand and this didn't clear it up, or make it worse. Skin was in great condition on the bits that weren't red and blotchy and spotty. 

A brilliant little collection of empties If I do say so myself!

Have you tried any of these? What did you think of them?


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