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Quick little update from Aurelia, 

I have just completed the new questionnaire on their new skin tools section of the website, find it here

I do love skin questionnaires which is why I'm jumping on this so quickly, if only for the advice, and not necessarily the end purchase. Aurelia is a brand that already intrigues me, I just find the price point a little to high for me to "Try", especially with Rosacea, Its not worth throwing £40 down the toilet. This questionnaire has given me more faith in trying things from the range... and a quick trip to Liberty and a chat to an advisor will hopefully settle a few more questions, I may also drop them a little email just to be 100% certain as redness sometimes isn't connected with Rosacea and I don't want to annoy my skin any more than it is already! 

When listing my main concerns, Redness, was obviously one of my top 3. 

This is what Aurelia had to say about Redness: 
  • MI or MIT - listed as Methylisothiazolinone - is a harsh preservative known to cause skin irritation.
  • Sulfates or SLS - visible as sodium laurel sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate - are synthetic foaming agents found in thousands of products which strip the skin of its natural oils and upset the acid mantel, causing sensitivity and dryness.
  • Synthetic Fragrance - sometimes listed as parfum - can be made up of hundreds of ingredients which aren't all visible and could cause sensitivity. Look instead for natural fragrances like essential oils or flower waters which will be listed in full.
The top one, I'll admit i didnt know. So I'll be checking out the back of all my products shortly and getting rid of anything containing Methylisothiazolinone.

Ending a two recommendations, making it pretty easy, a lot of recommendation website, offer 10 or more suggestions based on your responses, Aurelia drilling it down to two make it a little bit more realistic in the chances of you find a skincare hero. 

Definitely a must try for those stuck in skincare rut, again, the link is here. Added bonus, is £10.00 off your purchase! 

My top two recommended products from Aurelia were: 


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