Deeper into Triggers


Everyone’s triggers are different.

Everyone’s triggers change.

That doesn't make any of them less upsetting than the one before it. Each trigger affects how we conduct ourselves, whether we want it to or not. Take caffeine, if this is your primary trigger, how often do you say yes to a coffee with friends? A coffee at work? How often to do explain that you don’t drink it, or tea, or hot drinks as a whole for that matter?

How often do you explain Rosacea, for people to give you that “tilted dog head” look of “Excuse me, what?” It’s not widely known as the other skin conditions, but that doesn't make it any less important. I explain it to everyone, and when they’re confused and ask if it’ll go away, I say no. I'm upfront with it, and I own it, because well, If you don’t own it, it becomes something to use against you. You use it against yourself as a reason not to do things, and you allow it be someone else’s weapon.

Triggers can change with age, season and hormones. So sometimes when we think we have the answer, nature throws us a curve ball just like...


Big trigger for a lot of us, we know it’s coming, it happens every year. But you are in control of this one, although it doesn't seem like it.
Seen as we’re in Winter, I'm going to give you my top tips on minimising Rosacea Flare ups, I have the glamorous type 2 but I assume these make sense for all types, in Winter. Please let me know what your tips are in the comments, or tweet me!
  1. Water. Water. Water. Drink it, drink more it and keep drinking it. I know we want to snuggle up with warm drinks, but honestly staying hydrated is a great method of defence. If you want to make it a little interesting, add REAL fruit, not juice, to the water.
  2. Stay away from Soap. I don’t mean don’t wash, I mean if your going to cleanse, don’t use anything foamy or with a high alcohol content, if it’s soapy and suds are everywhere, chances are it’s stripping your face of that protective barrier. Put it down, use a cream cleanser instead like Pai, here, or a Gel / oil texture, like Ole Henrickson, here.
  3. Stop Touching Your Face. I mean it. I struggle with this one, it’s almost a protective instinct, I keep touching my face to cover it, but think about it. Bus/Tube poles, people sneezing and touching them, you come along touch the pole, then touch your face. Yuck. Skin at the best of time doesn’t exactly like germs, Rosacea hates it.
  4.  Avoid comfort food. Seriously. In winter, your skin has to battle the wind, and the cold. Strengthen the foundations of your skin and you will be better prepared against whatever the weather has to throw at you.
  5. If you MUST exfoliate, use a cleanser that using a muslin cloth to take it off every fortnight, it's softer and the redness isn't as bad afterwards.
  6. Mo'Product Mo'Problems. Keep it simple in winter. Skin is battling enough, so stick to the products that work for you, think hydrating 
Stay Hydrated, stop touching your face and keep your diet clean and keep skincare simple. 

Other triggers can been heightened in Winter, such as Stress (think post Christmas bank balances) Wind, Alcohol, Cold Weather, Hot Baths, Indoor Heat and Dairy. Who doesn't like a hot chocolate in winter? Followed by a hot bath and a snuggle in front of a fire? All of sudden I'm all flared up and hiding under a rock. 

If you're unsure what your triggers are, The National Rosacea Society have a fantastic diary template to help identify your triggers, you can find it here. The first step to winning the battle is knowing the triggers. 


For NHS help with Rosacea, visit, also take a look at the National Rosacea Society.

If you think you may be suffering with Rosacea, please see a doctor, or a dermatologist. 

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