New Finds and a big clock.


This one took a while as I was deciding on whether or not to put one or two products in but they're in so here we go.

First up, I'm going to mention ISDIN aftersun, this is a complete revelation to me and a totally new brand as well. Some of you might be aware that whilst on my solo trip to Tenerife (Depating reviewing that!) I obviously left my senses at Stansted airport and fell asleep in the sun for around 4 hours. This time frame is debatable because I woke up at one point to get a drink, but was so hazy I just went back to sleep and I know i turned over around 1 or was it two... and i woke up around 4:30/5? So oops. I then had to find myself a little Pharmacist pick up some spray on aftersun and this my friends is the BEES KNEES. So should you ever find yourself more lobster than bronzed godess give this a go. Affordable at 10Euros. I have looked into the brand a little and it's argentinian and I'll be loading up on this stuff. I'm not sure why it doesn't have a presence in the UK yet, but I'll be importing this because I can recommend it enough, this is my aftersun for life. Burnt or not, this is going on my skin after sun exposure. 

Another surprise was the Foreo Luna Play, now my skin doesn't like skin gadgets one bit. I would tell you a story about the incident i had with an electronic facial brush but honestly we don't have time. My Rosacea is just a nightmare to handle after I expose it to any form of harsh cleansing and it takes weeks sometimes months for me to get it back on track. This however was quite nice. I've used it once a week, mostly after heavy make up days when I feel like i need a good cleanse, and used with a cream cleaser. I do find this hard to hold and I have tiny hands and almost dropped it a few times, perhaps there is a special way to hold it? it also vibrates.. Tiny vibraty thing in my hand when my hands all wet and smushing cleanser all over my mush is probably a task that I need to master. I wouldn't recommend this for use if your Rosacea is having a bad day because even a flannel on a bad day can upset it, I used this on good skin days, and found my skin was pinker than usual for 10-15 mins and then it went down completely. I got this in the Luxe box from Latest In Beauty. Did you get one of those boxes? Brilliant wasnt it! 

Introducing Glo & Ray, another LIB Luxe Box samples. I've never heard of this brand before, and I am so glad (bank balance not so much) that I know of it. Honestly if their other lipsticks are anything like this one, go out and buy them. Worth it. They staying power is incredible. I took it on Holiday to tenerife, where it faced wine glasses, water bottles and melty melty heat and it barely budged. You can find Marigold here. They also have other products available like primers, eyeshadows and brow pencils, if you're after a middle priced range, I would check these guys out. Lipsticks retail at £12, which is slightly higher than the likes of Rimmel and No7, and just a few pounds less than MAC and Urban Decay. 

Next in the line up with the Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep and boy does it give the illusion of sleep. If you've tried the Idealia serum before, this is on the same lines as that, but thicker, and slightly more hydrating in my opinion. I do like Vichy products on the whole, the only downside for me on this is the smell it is way too floral for me. But scent is only one part of the product. Does it hydrate, yes, is it on budget, yes, is the packaging pretty, yes, then SOLD. I can live with the smell and as long as my Rosacea can then hey it's all good news right? 

Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum, second sample I've had, second samples I've coveted because well, if you've ever had this on your face you'll know how amazing it is, and also you'll have done the walk to an EL counter, checked the price and gone WHAT?!... I love it but, WHAT?. £70 for a serum is a bit off budget for me right now that I am enjoying my sample and should occasion arise whereby I can part with £70 for a serum I shall, until that day, I will be hoarding samples like noones business. This one I will not share. If mother asks, it's gone, all gone, all over my face in my skin and is currently trying to make me look 16 again. 

Then we've got Urban Decay B6. This was a big of an unnecessary purchase on my part really but I am glad I parted with my cash for it. (£10 in case you're wondering) It is only a travel sized one, but it hella handy in the heat. Mattifying and a giving my skin a dose of vitamins is handy in the summer when my make up slides of my fac. I did find this helped with a bit of redness, so perhaps I need to look into Vitamin B again. I found it helped my skin cope with make up a bit better, so when It came to bedtime, my face wasn't angry that I'd covered it up all day. 

Sarah Chapman Skin Insurance SPF 30. Was DYING to use this when I got it but slightly to dark for me, so popped it away until I was on my jollies and loved it. So easy to apply and blend and actually the tinted staying power was quite impressive given my very melted face, I found this to be a near perfect match to my tan, but had to swap it out for LRP factor 50. This will definitely make an appearance on my face for those not too sunny, but still sunny days where I can't be dealing with make up, but still want coverage. This is also a firm fave with my mother too, this time she has her own one because well, I like my products where I can find them. I do not want to be playing the "find your foundation" game when she helps herself when I'm in a rush or change my mind last minute. Welcome to the skincare family Sarah. UVA and UVB Protecting as well. #BONUS. Here if you want it. 

La Roche Posay, Anthelios XL, tinted in light (still too dark for caspar over here) bought this on Holidays because well... I wanted coverage, I had tanned and bought ELDW light in 1.0 with me (Muppet) and I'd used this when tanning previously so was happy with the coverage on offer. That huge 50+ SPF is a huge selling point for me, as I creep ever closer to 30 I am becoming more and more Obsessed with SPF. Something my younger self didn't really care for (Damn you). I'll be using this all summer long as it matches my fake tan perfectly. Bought on holiday as SPF 30 (Sorry Sarah) just wasn't enough. 

Lastly, in the corner there, by by no means least the Bee Good Lip plumper, another LIB Luxe Box edition i believe and this is yummy. I'm not entirely convinced on the lip-plumping attributes but lips are soft, smooth and its a lovely primer for lipstick so win win really in my eyes. On budget, not sure I'd repurchase as their are plenty of lip balms on the market but this a current welcomed addition to the lip balm / cream family in my draw. 


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