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June Empties!


Introducing June empties. 

Slowly working my way through all my hoard of products, made some headway in June. So here are the final thoughts and feelings on the collection above. 

Batiste, I almost feel like this shouldn't feature because it's a repeat purchase that one month or another I'll run out and then just buy more. I love this for just breathing an extra day of life into my hair. Available here.

Firm hold hair spray by Boots. I really like this, currently using an extra firm one in it's place as the weather is mighty windy outside for mid summer. I like this because it's on budget at £1.50 for 450ml. Here

La Roche Posay Effaclar H cleansing mousse, now i don't know exactly what happened to this if im honest, because one month I was ordering it and using it (For about a year) and then next minute, I couldn't find it anywhere, so this is the last of it. Used sparingly over the past few months because it was the last one, and became a makeup brush cleanser in it's last days as mine ran out. Good news is, I found loads of other cleansers to add to my collection, bad news no more brush cleanser. 

Another one for the bin is the Una Brennan Vitamin C Exfoliator, now this isnt exactly empty, but it is going in the bin because I unearthed it and I cant remember when I purchased it, I don't know if it's still in circulation either, so with that in mind it's not going anywhere near my face. It does have a 12 month life after opening, but I'm pretty sure we're probably nearer the 24 month mark because I don't really exfoliate.

Next, HealGel Eye. This was a repeat purchase because I really like it. The repeat purchase is on hold until i've gotten through the million other eye creams and serums on my shelf, but this is one I would keep as part of my permanent routine. The skin around my eye was more hydrated and and I felt like my concealer sat better under my eyes with this on before hand. This is slightly off budget at £32. 

Other empties on the list are the Aromatherapy Associates renewing body wash, I found this to be the perfect post workout body wash, the scent was uplifting and it gave good bubble. I am fond of a bubble filled shower post workout helps me to feel clean and not so sweaty and grubby, currently on sale with Aromatherapy Associates, here at £22.50 for the full size instead of £30.  

Next on the list, is a little hand cream I got in a Birchbox last year, which I've been using on and off it recently became my desk hand cream which decreased its lifespan incredibly as it becomes a free for all in the office, however I really liked it. Slightly citrus in scent, the scent didn't linger to long on the skin but i like that in a hand cream, Overall it left me with soft hands which is a job well done in my eyes. 

Mio's double buff dual action enzyme exfoliator was another sample to bite the dust, again picked up some time ago with Birchbox and found it's way helpfully into my gym bag because it's a handy size and no one wants a heavy gym bag. I wasn't 100% on this if im honest, It didn't have enough grit for me and just felt a bit like it was sliding all over my skin, my skin felt lovely afterwards, but not something I would purchase at fullsize. You can find it here, if you want to take a look. 

Also finally said goodbye to the Clarins blue orchid oil, I really did feel like that perked up my skin I always woke up looking refreshed no matter how much or how little sleep I had. I also found that Rosacea wise, this wasn't a problem. I saw a slight improvement in redness, but actually I don't think it was trialled long enough for a true representation of the product on the plus side I had no unsightly flare ups because of the oil. You can find it here. I am debating repurchasing this one, but it'll have to be a treat! 

So, that wraps up empties. 


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