Debt Management - Taking care of yourself


Taking care of yourself should be a top priority. I know it sounds selfish so let me explain, if we neglect ourselves if affects our self esteem, frame of mind and ability to make sound decisions. Simply put, self neglect leads to bad moods and bad moods lead to shopping don't they? Sometimes taking care of yourself seems like a luxury, especially when you're on a budget. So here are my tips on taking care of yourself whilst being budget friendly. 

The Gym. 

We all know exercising releases all the happy hormones and actually is a key part in success exercise = motivation and a clearer mind making you more mentally equipped to deal with any little bumps in the road. There are wonderful free running clubs about, even if it's once a week it's great to get out and work out the stresses, if you prefer an inside gym there are more and more affordable gyms popping up all over the country. 

If you've grown attached to your expensive gym during the good times, definitely me, then you need to cut back elsewhere to make this manageable. My gym is expensive it's over £60 a month and quite frankly sometimes I wonder why, but I enjoy it there for the most part and I'm always looking for a cheaper alternative. I have cut back on buying lunch to make up for this I now bring in all my own lunch which can only add to the benefit of the gym can't it? 

My top budget gym is THE GYM they're everywhere they're 24 hours and have a lot of decent equipment and range from £15-25 a month. Find your The Gym hereFor me, the ultimate gym will always be, Virgin Active, as much as mine needs a desperate revamp, you cannot fault their classes. If you're willing to splash on a work out then check out Virgin here


This one was the hardest for me, I love a pamper, I've tried giving up my acrylic nails several times over the past year and always end up going back to them (they're off currently). 

I just don't like my nails being all uneven and bendy it's a bit diva-like I know, but as someone in meetings all the time my hands are usually the first point of contact for most people and working in the beauty industry being groomed is something of a done thing. My nails are done at my local little nail salon who have unhelpfully just put up their prices, I'll give them that it was overdue, no price hike in over 6 years so I'll let this one go but it doesn't work well for my budget. I have stopped having regular pedicures, which were a bit extravagant seen as no one ever sees my feet in favour of doing in my self which at first was a bit tedious but by lord aren't there some fabulous foot products out there? I LOVE the palmers mango foot lotion, Margaret Dabbs intensive foot oil and I picked up a few cheap little foot filers (is that what they're called?) and give my toes some TLC once a week and use the foot oil or the cream on alternate nights. 

I don't go for facials anymore because there are so many lovely at home options, for example the Pai radiance mask, and Charlotte Tilbury Baby Skin clay mask and sheet masks are a great way to just take time out without the extortionate cost. I would save a facial for a birthday or christmas treat. If you're looking for a facial at a low cost, try the beauty school in Barbican, London I'm never disappointed when I go there. You are treated by students, but they are carefully monitored and are very attentive. Pampering in the name of education? SOLD. You can find more information and book a treatment here

Waxing and hair removal is tough one because I see bargains everywhere, but i'm fussy about the waxer. I see a lovely lady called Catherine at Strip Chelsea for all my waxing requirements it is slightly pricier than your average salon but the results are flawless. I would recommend getting a course of treatments if you have a particular area waxed often. If Catherine isn't available I see Janine, from Comforts Beauty, who I would consider the worlds best mobile therapist. She's incredibly attentive and can fit in with your schedule which when I'm running around like a headless chicken can make life just that bit easier. 

I was never one for spray tans because I can't stand the cold air blowing on my skin, nor standing in my birthday suit in front of a stranger. My favourite Tans from most expensive to really affordable are Vita Liberata, Dr Organic and Rimmel stay matte medium tanning mousse. 

Nights out and socialising

I would never consider these a treat, but they are part of taking care of yourself. When you initially put in a budget it can feel like you're isolating yourself but it doesn't have to be that way. Get your friends on board by suggesting 2 for 1 days out, meals or activities. Meeting up with friends is part of keeping you sane and it's lovely to hear what others are doing and if you need a little encouragement with your budget your friends should be the first ones to support you. Going out with friends doesn't have to be an excuse for you try and impress! They already like you, put away the credit card and get creative with your mate dates. For summer months I would suggest visiting a few popups these also pop up on groupon for deals and create little memories along the way. If there is a driver or two amongst you why not venture out of town for a day trip, pack a few snacks and you're away. Memories are much better when you invest time rather than money I find but one overpriced ice cream to mark the occasion never hurts. During the winter months get creative and hold little get togethers in doors, if you're all crushing over the same netflix programme why not watch the latest episode together with a bottle of wine and then discuss afterwards? If you're the binge watching kind pop on your pjs, pop some match sticks under your eyes and have a good old fashioned not-much-sleeping-going on sleepover? 


Dating on a budget is one of the hardest things you can do in my opinion, because when you're on a date you want to impress and impressing low budget is hard. No one wants to be taken to Nandos on a date, or for a 2 for 1 pizza, but I would suggest being loose with the truth here and suggest a happy hour somewhere? 2 for 1 drinks on a first date is acceptable I believe and I do think on the first date a gent should pay, on the second ate you go 50/50 then you can find a niche little restaurant that has the allure of something fancy but not the price tag. Do your research on this one. There are so many independent restaurants that don't require you to take out a second mortgage to eat there. 

To Recap... 

When you're on a budget you don't have to cut out having a good time to taking care of yourself, it's about being smart with your choices. If you prefer a spa day blow out then save up and treat yourself, there are some amazing wowcher, groupon or last minute.com deal throughout the year so just keep an eye out to for something you fancy it. Why not invite a friend and make a memory out of it? 

I used to give up all my pampering when I was trying to save money but instead of saving money, I found myself being miserable and spending it on other stuff to cheer myself up. When I made the change and started being smarter with my pampering choices, I found some fabulous budget options and whilst having a pedicure done professionally will always be miles better than doing it yourself, saving it as a treat always feels deserved and you can keep up weekly maintenance yourself making that pedicure last months instead of weeks. 

What are your top taking care of yourself on budget tips? 


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