Friday Fridays - On Budget


Okay, so I popped into Primark to pick up a few holiday pieces, I'm using most of the things I already own, but I wanted to perk up the wardrobe a little bit. I'm not against spending when there are necessties or occasions, I'm just against icensent spending for no good reason. I spent a grand total of £22 on the above and I think I did quite well! 

The first thing I picked up was this mix and match bikini. The mix and match bikini section of primark is vast and full of options. I opted for a set that ties up completely because like most women I am not one size so having a set which I can tie to fit is ideal. I love the colour of this as well, the deep purple is quite flattering with a tan I find. At £2 a piece, even if I only wear it on this holiday I would consider it £4 well spent. 

The second think I picked up was this cute strappy dress, I actually have something similar from Topshop in black. This will be double up as a cover up to go from room to pool or can easily be dressed up for a meal outside. This cost a total of £8, bringing our subtotal to £12 so far. I like the material of this its almost crepe like?  It's beautifully light on with a good amount of sway. I can wait to wear this on my Holidays!

I haven't worn a pair of Denim shorts for quite some time, I had almost thought I was a bit old to be prancing around in Denim shorts but I couldn't resist these. Although they do nothing for my butt but hey these are essential on holiday right? One of my favourite things about these shorts is the rips down the front because of how they're graduated and gave an extra layer of material underneath also makes them more modest. These aren't butt skimming either, they come just to the top of my thigh which I feel at 26 is a bit better, no-one needs to see bumcheek, do they?

I am really looking forward to this holiday, I will be taking the time to recharge and hopefully do a bit of a digital detox which I'm really excited for. 

Have you bought anything lately? Tweet me your bargains @TWC_Blog X 


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