Empties! Vol 5 - May


Here are the empties from May! May, can you believe it. 

Just a few things on the empties list, and only one re-purchase. 

So to start, the Simple foaming cleanser, disclaimer I do not use this on my face, I use it to clean my make up brushes because it's bloody brilliant for keeping my sponges and brushes soft and clean. I love this as a cleanser for makeup tools rather than my face. I don't generally use foam based cleansers on my face as I find them too harsh, here from boots for £4.49. 

Another empty is the Elizabeth Arden 8hr lip balm, this is my saviour pretty much all year around and especially when I'm travelling a lot. I have this in tub form also, so no need to repurchase just yet! There will come a day, and honestly, £20 for super luscious lips isn't bad in my opinion, It lasts pretty much 6-9 months of constant use so we're looking at around £3.50-£2.33 per month. NOT BAD, here for £20.

Now the next one annoys me because the label has faded and nothing frustrates me more about products who labels come off. I purchased this in February from boots it's a Collection long lasting concealer it is a wonderful concealer, shame the label rubs off! It literally went from draw, to hand to make up bag so I don't understand how the label has rubbed off? Does anyone else have this problem with products? You can get it from boots here for £4.19.

Lastly, the repurchase which is the La Roche Posay Rosalic Intensive AR Serum. I love this because its SO light, its great all year round and sits beautifully under my moisturiser without feeling to heavy or caked in product. I find it's great at easing surface redness as well and doesn't irritate my Rosacea which is a bonus. It is currently on offer with Feel Unique here, for £11.67 instead of £17.50, so bargain!


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