Welcome to 2016!


Welcome to 2016! 

Thank you for reading in 2015, I promise this year will be good! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have had time to spend with Family, Friends and time to yourself. If there is one thing I have learnt in 2015, it's to value time by yourself as much as you value time with those you love. 

We try so hard to be everything, everywhere and at all times for everyone that we forget to just be there for ourselves. It's important to spend time, even if that time is an extra hour in bed at the weekend, on ourselves. 

So, I've decided to not make resolutions this year, but goals. Blog goals, are:

To start posting 1 main series this year, called Rosacea and Me, documenting my Journey with Rosacea, and the things I find helpful in managing the condition day to day. I decided to document my journey with this challenging, and some what confidence killing condition. 

The Rosacea and me series starts on Monday 4th January, running weekly.

Two other series I will be posting are my ever challenging battle to save money and be more frugal, and the other is TWC Travels. 

TWC Travels starts on 10th January, after my first trip of 2016, to Lille. 

I'm making a goal to travel more. I have a list of cities and places to explore in 2016. I hope you will enjoy coming with me and reading about the adventures. 

Personal Goals

To make more me time
To manage myself better, and when I don't, to forgive myself.
To always see the positive
To finally learn to save. 

Here's to hoping 2016 is incredible and beyond our expectations. 

Much love 


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