Staying on budget at Christmas. Survival Guide


It's easy to get wrapped up (sorry) in the buzz of Christmas, and forget to stay on budget. 

Here are my top tips to ensuring you stay on budget.

1) Fancy Wrapping Paper

You can pick up great looking wrapping paper if you're going for a fancy theme from great on budget places like Wilkinsons, Primark and new store on the block, Tiger, is bound to have some fantastic budget friendly options. Or if you're feeling particularly frugal, why not use parcel wrap? £1 from all good £1 stores and get some colourful ribbon to brightening it up! 

2) Christmas Decorations

Again, they don't have to break the bank, you can pick up some beautiful decorations in the supermarkets like Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco

3) Start early, 

Like really early, I pick up a few bits in January an put them away in a box under my bed, a few decorations, wrapping paper, even stocking filler gifts. Or, if you're not in the mood in January, when stores launch their Christmas online stores, or in store sections they often send out discount codes for the opening days / week or so in. 

4) Sales websites

You can find really amazing things on the likes of Brand Alley, Secret Sales, Wowcher and Groupon. So it's great to sign up for a newsletter around now, as you'll get frequent bargain notifications. They're also great for stocking fillers! Check the delivery dates, as some things can take up to 6 weeks to arrive from Brand Alley. 

5) Discounted stores / Outlet centres

Take a wonder to your nearest TK MAXX, Homesense, they have some great deals and hampers around Christmas. Homesense is shop in-store only, and trust me when I say, its a labyrinth of exciting home decor, just don't get to distracted and come out of there with more presents for your house, than for someone else! 

There are some fantastic outlet centers dotted up and down the country, Wembley Outlet in London, Bicester Village, and Ashford to name a few, for your nearest, or possibly the one which is most attractive to you click here to vist Outlet Malls website to find your nearest. 

6) Tabs, Tabs Tabs. 

If like me, you prefer to bargain hunt online, get ready to test your internet capabilities with this one. When im shopping for a present for someone and i know what they want, I'll google search it. Opening a few links which take my fancy in different tabs, looking for the best deal on what im looking for. 

7) Helpful websites

Money Saving Expert is my favorite, they send out a weekly run down of everything going on, you check out the website here, also try Money Supermarket should anything need renewing around the festive season. If like me, you timed MOT, Car Tax and Insurance at exactly the most inconvenient time. (Christmas!)

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Happy Bargain Hunting


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