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Hand Me Don'ts?


I have always seen "getting dressed" as more like "dressing up". I've never just "thrown something on" unless their pyjamas, Even if it looks effortless, it's been thought about.

Here are my reasons on why we should love and let go of clothes, and not hold on to them future generations (unless it's priceless). I am not talking wedding dresses and the like, I'm talking the stuff you can now purchase out of Topshop / Urban Outfitters / Any decent vintage shop here! I am also not talking jewellery, that is something entirely different.

So, when mum says "I owned something just like that when I was young, I should of kept it for you" 

Part of me says, YES, you could have saved me a lot of money, but on the other hand, No, no you shouldn't. You wanna know why? Because it wasn't her, she chose to get rid of it, and hanging on to things just in case is a recipe for a house cluttered with everything but toys and quiet frankly I loved toys. And because how would you know I would rock up in a few years and grow into a women with a penchant for leather pants and blazers? Would they have even fitted? Would I want the responsibility of this vintage heirloom, what if I spilt wine on it? ( that's highly likely). 

I do think certain things should be kept, a good pair of leather boots, designer goods, leather anything really. High street stuff? No. Value clothing stuff, no. The chance of that stuff standing the test of time and fending off moths, dust, house moves and the like is highly unlikely. Love something and either keep it or sell it and move on. 

Heirloomless, and having minimised my wardrobe, I still struggle with that age old "what on earth do I want to wear, who do I want to be today" feeling. I've cleared out things that don't fit, don't suit and are a waste of precious hanger space, but still have nothing wear.

Whilst I am by no means lacking in clothes, I had the biggest clearout and really got rid of a lot of stuff, but I still have so much. Still having so much left over is a sign of how much I was over consuming. 

Organisation, setting out my outfits a week in advance has helped me to really drum down what I don't wear, what doesn't suit, and what doesn't represent me. Just because I think something is nice, doesn't mean I should buy it or mean I'll wear it. I have a lot of nice things that look horrendous on me. I can't be the only one? 

Go on admit it, those GORGEOUS shoes that make your legs look like stumps, or that top with the fancy pattern that makes you look like you did away with granny's curtains on you, but on that girl in River Island just looked the right side of edgy-cool. 

Why are you keeping them? Just in case someone decides to pop over one day and riffle through your stuff and just comment on how much nice stuff you have? Note: no one cares how much nice stuff you have, if they don't have equally as much nice stuff.

As women we are empowered by how we look, we play dress up everyday presenting the best version of our selves to the outside world, we do not need to be empowered by making other women feel like they don't have enough. We all have enough. 

Did your mother/father pass anything on yo you? Did you ruin it? Or are you too scared to wear it? Do plan on handing anything down to your children? I wanna know! Comment below.


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