Wilko's Christmas Haul


Try as we might to ignore what is just around the corner, but Christmas, is almost here! 

Here is what I've picked up so far on a budget! 

So for me, shopping online is the most effective and cheapest way to shop, I take a look, I had things to my basket (without carrying them around) and then edit before check out. 

Checking my emails every morning means I know where the discounts are to be found. 

This year, may or may not have a wrapping theme, can you tell? I've gone for reindeer on mass this year, no candy coloured wrapping paper here, just pretty much as Christmassy as it can get without glitter and snowflakes. At the bargainous price of just under £35 I can wrap up all my presents smartly and gift bag anything special. 

3 Pack of raffa ribbon, found here is £1, as is the 3m thicker black ribbon, found here. Cards priced at £2 each and are on a 3 for two at the minute! If you prefer sticky lables to anything else, you can find a role of 100, here for £1. 

These stockings are part of the industrial range are priced at £3 each, here

The smaller gift bags are priced at 50p each, Large gift bags are £1 and Medium are 80p. All fairly priced if you ask me. 

Funky wrapping paper is £2 per roll of 8m and they are currently 3 for two. I think 24m of wrapping paper should do the trick for all the presents! 

You can find the Christmas Tree paper here, Graffiti wrapping paper here, and the reindeer paper here. 

I've mixed the Natures Christmas theme and the industrial themes, helpfully, Wilkinson's have grouped their decorations into themes, making Christmas décor decisions just that little bit easier. 


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