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Post Op Update


July 3rd 2015 (the morning of the op) and on right August 19th 2015
So, time seems to be on a fast forward since I had my nose done in July. 

So here is how it is all going.

We are now 8 weeks post-op (WOAH) and heeling ever so nicely. It actually changes every day, I have days where I am little swollen still, and the tip looked enlarged for quite some time, not freakishly so, it wasn't actually noticeable but if i ran my finger down the length of my nose I could feel the size difference. As the swelling goes down, the tip is the last thing to go down. It still grosses me out to touch it. I've only just got the confidence back to blow my nose when it runs. I still haven't sneezed properly. I'll be honest, there are some days I think it doesn't look as great as I hoped, and there are some days I think I look incredible. 

There is a slightly amount of residual swelling on the bridge, which I can feel, it's like a squishy lump, But that should go down before the 5 month mark, I still have a long way to go. On the outside I look fairly normal, but I'm still heeling. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a year long process, before the final result is scene and I have to be patient (not my forte). 

Here are the initial challenges I faced. 

Returning to work.
I am such a work-a-holic, I pretty much work till I burn out. I returned to work a week after my surgery, but I wasn't really off work, I was working from home, still answering emails, still being on call. To be honest, laying around all week just doesn't sound like fun to me, I would much rather be doing something, so as I wasted days laying on the sofa watching day time TV, getting really good at quiz shows, I had my laptop open, answering emails and working as much as I could. Working was a welcome distraction, it added a bit of normality into my day.

The main issue I faced during the first week was that for the first few days I was ridiculously tired all the time and looking at the screen for long periods of time hurt my eyes and gave me a headache. (All that napping was not good in the long run, it made it hard to get back into a routine). My first day without a nap was Thursday, and I still didn't sleep the whole night through.

Getting Dressed.
I'm still having to be careful if I pull tops over my head, So I've opted for loose fitting tops and dresses I can step into. I'm so paranoid about it being knocked I'm over cautious.

Cleansing & Make-up.
Now, this actually involves touching my face and my nose so it's incredibly difficult. I've used my cleansing brush more than usual over the past few weeks because my skin just didn't feel clean enough with a gentle massage. The first week I only used a cotton pad and Micellar water twice a day and a hydrating moisturiser. I still feel queasy when i touch it, and it is still sensitive. I almost forget that whilst on the outside it looks pretty normal, it was a major procedure and should still

Being social. 
I'll admit that I haven't been social, intentionally. I wanted to wait till 1) all the swelling had gone down 2) I felt comfortable 3) there wasn't a risk of me falling over or knocking it. I have seen people, and if anyone has noticed they haven't said anything. I plan on changing that over the Christmas period, and I honestly cant wait for 2016 when I will be taking up every going out opportunity and not being afraid of any dodgy camera angles.

The Gym. 
I am a gym bunny, I love the gym. Pre-Op I worked out 3-4 times a week at the gym with a routine of weights, cardio and pilates. I went back to the gym on the 31st July. That's 4 weeks off, albeit at a reduced capacity. I am still adjusting my routine, because I'm terrified I will drop the bar on my face, or as I clean and press I'd hit my nose or something horrific. It does take time, I am now obviously out of my routine and have to rebuild what I lost (it isn't taking long). I also have a major sporting activity to try and survive in October. 

In all honesty, no one has said anything negative. I have got the "But WHY" response when someone has asked what's different about me, and I've said, oh I bought a new face". I think that we live in a society that 1, accepts surgery and 2, those who don't want it sometimes just don't get it. I am willing to admit it, and talk about it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having something done to change how you feel about yourself, especially if it effects your self-esteem. I could have invested the money I spent in material things, but I choose to invest in Happiness. 

I have to say, that I can't remember what my nose felt like before, but it does feel a little detached? If that makes sense. Every now and then the tip tingles and I still can't feel the tip properly, it does have some feeling back in it. Sneezing is the weirdest experience after Rhino, as is blowing your nose. When you first do those things, properly, it does feel odd! I sneezed the other day and let my nose take the pressure, rather than the cough sneeze I'd been doing, it was fine, but it felt, almost ticklish. My only issue with blowing my nose is squishing the tip to blow my nose, it doesn't feel right! Also, I'm still paranoid I'm going to blow my nose wrong and end up with a wonky tip. 

If you have any questions or anything, even gross questions about Rhinoplasty, please let me know, I'm always happy to be brutally honest about the whole procedure!


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  1. Hi there, I've just booked rhinoplasty with Simon Withey for next month, I was just wondering your opinion on him as a surgeon. Do you have any regrets with choosing him in particular?

    Also, how is it going now? Are you pleased with the result? I have to say, it looks very natural and flattering from the above pictures. x

  2. Hello! I found him to be a great surgeon. Managing expectations perfectly, I've got a very thin nose bone ( forget the technical term) so couldn't have a lovely little nose, but Im very happy with the results, it's much better suited to my face, and the tip, where I had a lot of movement doesn't move as much now. It changes as the weeks go by, still, it does take time, so be patient, although it's hard! You're in excellent hands, he's a perfectionist, and very thorough. Best of luck with your surgery, let me know how it goes, always happy to help. I'd say Invest in one of those pregnancy pillows, sleeping is tough sitting up :) x