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The Risk of The Over Clearout


WARNING : Clear-outs lead to less stuff. Sense of loss is normal, breath, it's okay.

I guess, the term "clear-out" speaks for itself really, doesn't it? Or does it? We all desire a clear, clean and organised life, one free of tripping hazards and that lone flip flop just hanging in the house waiting for his mate to turn up. Just me? I can't be the only one missing a flip flop... surely?

Which is why I want to warn of the Over-Clearout. This happens when you go to drastic, too fast. We've all had these moments in our lives before, the drastic hair cut/colour post breakup, deciding to run on the treadmill before an ample warm up etc.

Signs an over clear out is heading your way

You haven't cleared out for a few seasons now is the time, whilst we sit and wait for summer, might as well clear out the cupboards. 

Ways to avoid an Over-Clearout

Have a day, or half a day if your really on top of everything, every season where you put everything on the floor / on the bed and separate into piles of the following:

"Still loving this, would live in it if it was socially acceptable"
Me & My Gap skinny jeans, I wear these a disgusting amount of times before I wash them, I have cancelled lunch dates because I can't wear these jeans, They make me feel incredible. You don't need to part with anything in this pile, unless its haggard, beyond repair, or too big/small for you and you don't anticipate your body shape changing any time soon. Maternity pants are an exception to this, I'm always one Chinese take away from purchasing pair of those elasticated waist band bad boys.

"Still need to wear this, it has tags on"
Give yourself a week (weather dependent, of course) or two depending on how many items still have tags on to wear them all, if you put it on / take it off more than 3 times, wave bye bye to it and if you haven't even bothered to incorporate it into an outfit over the allotted time, say bye. If you don't love it, you don't need it. It's a crime to wear anything you don't love.

"Keeping it, it's a classic"
By classic, I mean a MAC trench, or the skinny Jean. Face it neither of these items is going anywhere from the fashion stakes.

"Should probably throw this out"
Things you've fallen out of love with but can't bring yourself to throw it away. If you have space pop all this stuff in a bag, or box hide it away for a month or so and then riffle through it again, the love may resurface and you've saved yourself from an "Over-Clearout" moment.

"Definitely throwing this out"
Things that go in this pile are things you picked up in a whim, impulse or because you had a gift card that was running out. Things that you fell out of love with more than 6 months ago, or things that don't suit you. For me this is anything boxy or cropped that I fool myself at least twice a year that I could pull off. I cant, and I need to learn to stop wasting money and valuable shopping time.

I promise you, you won't regret this time. Don't be afraid to try things on in the process, have the music on loud, have a tea or a vodka on the go, whatever floats your clearout boat and get down and dirty with getting rid of things. 

Happy Clearout'ing


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