Beauty Empties - July


I am a hoarder of beauty products, sometimes I do the bad thing and save the good ones for "best" which is silly really when it comes to skincare. (Silly because products need a good few weeks of testing before you see results) 

Here are a few things that I ran out of in July (bit late I know, but initially I wasn't going to do this post)

Nude Skincare Omega 3,6 and 9 Oil. 
I would repurchase the earth's supply of this if I could afford it! I've got so many oils that buying another just seems silly when I'm trying to cut down everything I own. I got this sample in a monthly box and I can't remember which one! I'm so grateful that it came into my life it really evened out my skin and even helped clear up some lingering redness. I found this enough to use nightly by itself without having to layer another product on top. Every night I used this I woke up with the best skin I've ever had, giving an even skin, enough to go make up free. As oils go, this is definitely in the elite league. 
La Roche Posay Effalcar H Face Wash

Superdrug's B. Mascara
I really liked this, it had the staying power of a super hero and gave my lashes that full, thick and long looks without looking clumpy and as if I had 4 eyelashes. I was sad to see it go, but I have 4 mascara's to get through and test so if the other ones are no good, I'll return to this! 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil. 
I might have cried when this ran out, during the winter months you will have to prise this from my dead hands if you want it. I can't tell you how many colds, sore noses and dull skin days this oil has rescued me from. Available for £15 online or in store with The Body Shop, here

RMK Make Up Remover 
This didn't agree with my skin at all, and when I once tried to take eye make up off with it, it stung. A little to harsh for me, did the job of taking make up off no problem, but for someone with normal skin and not sensitive skin. I got this in a BirchBox, of which I left an honest review. You can never please everyone with one beauty product, I know people who love this! 

Garnier Micellar Water. 
Another of those products that I can't be without. I've been using this for months and I've just bulk bought a few more from Feel Unique. I use it to take my make up off during the week as I don't generally wear a lot and by the end of the day it's practically all off anyway. It's so refreshing and calming and it doesn't flare up my Rosacea. It was also a staple on the week I was all bandaged up after my Rhinoplasty because I couldn't wash my face (gag) and this kept me feeling human and clean. Currently on sale with Feel Unique for £3.29 here.

Kerestase Conditioner
Not a huge fan of this, it dried my hair out a bit and smelt like a bar of soap. I also got this in a BirchBox so not a huge amount of time lost.

Bliss Ex-Glow-Sion 
I loved this! The little beads where a bit of a gimmick I think, but it has a lovely creamy texture. I used this mostly at night, either instead of an oil or over a serum for a little boost. I would always wake up with smooth and nourished skin. It also didn't flare me up, which I thought it would. I loved the packaging as well, I'm really fond of clear jars for moisturisers, and despite the packaging giving you a little bit of an illusion, I was happy with the amount in there. Available here for £55.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Cleaning Mouse. 
A repeat purchase and a no brainer for me, absolute fave when it comes to cleansing. I am not a fan of cream cleansers, I find them a little "Greasy" for my liking, and Foaming cleansers can be too harsh, Gels just don't give me the clean feeling I crave. the LRP Effaclar H is just the perfect texture / gets the job done balance. That and it doesn't make me look like a walking postbox, so Rosacea doesn't win with this product. A great price point of £10, available from Feel Unique here

Elizabeth Arden - 8 Hour Lip Balm.
You'll have to prize this away from my dead hands if im ever to give it up. Love this, all year round. Another re-purchase. £20, from Boots here

Would you like an in-depth view on each individual empty? Or just a monthly, short and sweet review of all of them? Comment below :)


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