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Recipe - Chocolate Rice Cakes


I don't know about you, but I'm partial to a chocolate rice cake. It's an almost naughty treat that's not to full of the unimaginable. I've also discovered they're fairly expensive when you're on a budget £2-£3 for 6! 

So I thought I'd have a whirl at making my own.

Here is what happened. 

I purchased the Tesco own brand lightly salted rice cakes 130g for £0.90p and two bars of the value chocolate x2 at 30p = £0.60p totalling £1.50 for 12. (That's double for less!) I've also got the option to now make white chocolate ones (my fave) and add dried fruit / nuts / seeds as I please. I went straight out chocolate for these ones as coping with a Monday generally requires chocolate. These are never going to be 100% guilt free, but they are a nice little Sunday afternoon activity.

I melted 6 small squares of the milk and white chocolate in separate cups. I used a tea spoon to scoop out the chocolate and the back of the spoon to spread the chocolate across the top of the rice cake.I drizzled the leftover chocolate over their opposite, as you can see the design went out the window on the top right rice cake, too much talking not enough concentrating. 

I left them to cool in the fridge for 20mins before checking them, in total I left them in the fridge for 30mins before taking them out and wrapping them for the morning!

Step by step: 

1) Purchase rice cakes from your local store, value ones are fine! 
2) Purchase cooking chocolate or a chocolate of your choice.
3) Take 4-6 small cubes of chocolate and place in a microwaveable container, put in the microwave for 1min for 4
Cubes or 1min 20seconds for 6 cubes at full power (Check and stir half way through) (repeat this step if you're using more than one type of chocolate, I find it easier to melt the chocolate as I need it rather than all at once, otherwise it sets a bit quick)
4) apply to the rice cake using a spoon or small spatula (whichever you have to hand or prefer) as thick or as thin as you like!
5) (optional) allow to set in the open for 1-2 mins before applying a chocolatey design on top

Optional - once the chocolate has been applied, drizzle nuts / seeds / dried fruit to your preference whilst the chocolate is still melted for a truly delicious treat! Perfect for kids or grown ups lunch boxes. 

And I worked out the nutritional value (if you don't want to know shut your eyes... now!)

Per White Chocolate Rice Cake
168 Calories
8,15g Fat
5.35g Saturates
25.6g Sugar
0.25g Salt.

Per Milk Chocolate Rice Cake
165 Calories
7.55g Fat
4.9g Saturates
14.65g Sugar
0.25g Salt. 

Happy snacking 


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