Week One. Done.


Here is a day by day run of my week.

Day 1 - D-Day.

It all felt, oddly surreal, like it wasn't really happening. I arrived at the hospital with enough time to get changed in to the glamorous gown, watch a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory and slowly dehydrate. I wasn't allowed food or liquids 6hrs Prior to surgery, which was scheduled for 1pm, so I began to feel naturally tired and had a quick nap before meeting my Anaesthetist and seeing my surgeon again.

I walked down to the room they put me to sleep in with the nurse, which was quite nice, I much preferred walking rather than being wheeled down. There is something panic inducing about being wheeled into theatre.I was chatting away to the Nurse about my Cosabella bra, brought a Strip in Chelsea, as I had forgotten to take it off prior to being taken down to surgery, and then suddenly, I woke up.I felt like there was something of a significant weight sitting on my head, waking from anesthetia is never nice!

Day 1 Post Op - Bose Isb Blobbed Bup. (Nose is blocked up)

After a rough-ish night, but not as bad as I prepped for (2 Magazines and a book) I managed to get some sleep, in between the Hourly checks on my blood pressure, I got to witness a fanastic lightening storm, so it wasn't all bad. I was hooked up to a drip and a massage device to my legs so moving was limited. I was allowed to go home fairly early and I was asleep pretty much as soon as I got into my bed. Eating was difficult and I had no appetite, So I was dozing in and out of sleep all day / night.

Day 2 - Post Op -  Don't Laugh

Laughing & Smiling is difficult. Everyone keeps asking how I am telling me I don't look "fine" - Thanks. I did feel fine, clogged up and groggy, but ultimately I wasn't in any pain or too much discomfort. It was bearable. I'm still held up in my room, still sleeping, very lightly, for the majority of the time.

Day 3 - Post Op - Monday

Opened my laptop to answer a few work emails, the distraction is nice. Until the pressure of looking at the screen built up behind my eyes, so I took a nap. The swelling really took hold today, I looked like one of those dogs that ate a bee. Apologises for the dark photo, I was quite sensitive to light for the first few days! 

Day 4 - Post Op - Tuesday

Little bit of bruising come through today, Still swollen and I miss sleep.

Day 5 - Post Op - Wednesday

Feeling Normal, well, as normal as I can get. Ventured to the Sofa, with laptop to work. The days do seem long, and quite frankly, I'm not sure what day it is. Last day of painkillers is Thursday, I am not looking forward to that one bit.

Day 6 - Post Op - Thursday

Stitches out and dressing off today! I ventured outside to my local hairdressers (A grand total of 3 minutes walk) to have my hair washed as I didn't want to arrive at the hospital too gross! Having the dressing off was nerve-inducing, having someone be that close to my face I almost wanted to be wrapped in bubble wrap. Having the stitches out was uncomfortable, I had tears falling down my face because it was so sensitive, It didnt hurt as such, it was more uncomfortable.

Day 7 - Post Op - Friday

A full week since the operation, and without a doubt it is the best decision I have ever made. The best undisclosed amount of money I have ever spent. I wish I had the courage to take this step sooner, but at the same time I am glad I waited. The swelling has gone down a lot, still significantly swollen, but not comically swollen. Started to feel normal and, Thursday night I slept better. So thankful for a full nights sleep. TV is unbearable in the early hours.

Overall, the first week was bearable. I just kept myself in my room, I tried to eat right, which was hard because I had zero appetite and eating was hard, I was so blocked up it made eating and breathing a little difficult. I also developed an ear ache which sent pains down my ear canal whenever I tried to swallow food. Now, All I have to do is be patient and wait for the final results to be revealed, I think that's the hardest bit.

If you have any Rhino related questions, please get in touch! I would be more than happy to answer them. 


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