What's in my hospital bag?


I'll be honest, not a whole lot. Having never been into surgery before I'm not sure what to pack? Aside from my iPhone and pyjamas which is all I think I will need. So I took some advice from my patient advisor and packed things to keep me entertained and warm. 

Grazia magazine, I've been holding off reading this all week! Not that kind of girl, by Lena Dunham, again this has been on my must read list for ages and as I've finished other books this has come up the list of next to read. 

Pretty PJs, because if anything I want to at least feel nice! An Invisibobble, key to sleeping well with doing little to mess up my freshly washed locks, Maddi Alexander's relaxing rose spray, to make the hospital room smell like home, La Roche Posay factor 50! Garnier Micellar water, for cleansing and finally, my hero, HealGel Intensive. 

I am really concerned about not being able to cleanse my face! I'm hoping I will be able to at least use Micellar water and a cotton pad. But if not, it's an excuse for a facial as soon as I can stand the thought of someone touching my face.

I've also packed gym gear to come home in, comfort is key!

All packed and ready to go. 

See you all soon! 


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