20 something

TWC Evolves.


The wardrobe clinic is about to become much more Than cleaning out my physical wardrobe, I now becomes about clearing out a mental one too. We all have insecurities. Some Of us hide behind huge sunglasses copious amounts of wine. Some of us just hide away full stop, which is great but I am quiet partial to a gossip and a wine headache. So hermitville is not for me, Some people bully, some pretend they're okay with everything in their lives. We're all accustom to our own coping mechanisms. 

Over the past few years, I have decided to focus solely on what I want, and need to be happy. During this time I have shaped up my gym routine, put myself on the path to an amazing career, in a industry I have love for. I've learned to shut the time wasters, energy drainers and the actual wasters out of my life and now I've decided to alter a few things. 

Next on my list of things to alter? My face. 


(Image taken from Pinterest, link here)

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