20 something

Love yourself. Oh come on...


As you read this, I am probably being hooked up to some pain killers and anaesthetic. So whilst I drift off, here is some light background into WHY I'm doing what I'm doing and an unflattering selfie for good measure!

Loving yourself is a personal matter, its deeply routed within our persona's as women to strive to be the best version of ourselves, to constantly improve and reinvent ourselves. Our bodies and looks come under fire every day, whilst simultaneously being told to "Love yourself the way you are". Something has gotta give. 

I do love myself, and I don't all at the same time. 

I do because I'm independent, fiercely protective over my friends and family, Honest, ambitious, the right height for most Children's clothes, and above all my ability to just dust myself off and keep on trucking is quiet frankly fucking impressive. I mean you throw as much shit at me as you like and I just move on. Unless I can't move on, in which case you'll find me obsessively cleaning my bedroom. I also rarely back down when I know I'm right, I don't compromise on what I know is right, what I feel is right, my beliefs or my morals. And I believe my relentless attitude has gotten me this far and also into a lot of trouble, but never mind that!

I don't just "love myself" the way I am because - I am a perfectionist. And that in itself comes with a whole heap of insecurities to deal with, with dreams and standards to meet. I never liked my butt and I've spent the past few years squatting and lunging and gym'ing like you wouldn't believe. (Butt is now pert and lovely, is that vain to say? Oh well, we're damned if we hate something because we shouldn't and were damned if we saw we love
Something because we're self obsessed) I've worked out many a stress in the gym, but my face, can't change without a little cosmetic intervention. 

No one is perfect, but I strive to be comfortable in my own skin. I am most of the way there, and I believe if you can change something, do it. I don't want to reach 50, still unhappy wondering what my life would have been like if I took this risk, neither should you. 

What ifs are painful and irrelevant. Take the jump, at least you can say you attempted it. 

There is no tragic bullying story here. Just self improvement and what's wrong with that? 

Motto; do what is right for you. Living someone else's life or dream is a recipe for disaster. 


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