Brush Cleansing Pad - 99p!


Brush cleansing is all the rage, and whilst i love a clean set of brushes, it does seem to be an expensive exercise doesn't it? So, little miss beginning to be thrifty over here took to the pages of eBay and sought out this little (literally) beauty. 

I'll admit, I was expecting it to be a little bigger than it is, it's about the size of my hand, I was expecting it to be as big as the base of my sink, but not complaining this little cleanser does pack a punch. 

The shaped raised dots across the top of the cleansing pad are all shaped and get into the groves of both small and big brushes. I've used this on my foundation stippling brush and I didn't find the large brush / small pad a problem. 

Each ridge is designed to get between the bristles of the brushes and cleanse all the left over make up away and leave brushes cleansed and ready for action. The lines also help remove the grime, I was disgusted at what came out of what I thought where clean brushes. 

I have found that also, my foundation goes on smoother and I'm using a lot less product as well now, because the brushes are cleaner. 

Helpfully it has a sucker (right word?) on the bottom of the pad and it says put in the sink or on the side whichever way you feel comfortable cleaning the brushes. 

When adhered to the base of the sink or side, it is slightly raised and is flexible so you can really 

Size reference above excuse the dry hand, I'm testing out loads of creams and one of them doesn't current agree with my hands. 

Have you used a cleansing pad? Have you found a cheaper one? Or have you found a smaller one? 

Here is the link to the one I purchased if you're looking a for a small but mighty cleansing pad to join your brush cleaning routine. You can find it here,


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