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Scented candles are for me a little luxury I love to have, I'm not fussed to much on brand either but a house must smell nice.

My top two are Cowshed and Rituals. They're always on my Christmas and birthday list. I picked up these three whilst I was in Germany, again I can get these in the UK but it is more expensive and I had the baggage allowance so why not? (They weighed almost 2kg of my allowance but if they were getting in my case they were coming home.)

Starting with "Under a fig tree" I didn't expect to like this from the description but turns out it is one of my faves. A slightly more masculine scent but it is relaxing. I love having a scented candle burning when I'm blogging because it helps me to concentrate. Fig is a wonderful homely blend of Fresh Fig & Copaiba Oil, which aside from being homely helps to focus my efforts on what I am writing.

You can find Fig, here.

The second one in this sweet smelling trio is Lotus Secret. I bought this on the premise of it's name initally but when I picked it up in store, when I gave it a smell I fell totally in love with it. It was almost dream like, light and airy and definitely calming.
Described as combining Yi Yi Ren & White Lotus, this is definitely a scent for keeps.This will form part of my for keeps candle and it it burns for 50hrs (I'll keep you updated) then at 12.95Euros it was definitely a bargain at 30p her hour burning, even at £21 in the UK (Full price) that's 42p her hour burning which if burned for 3 hours of an evening when I get home, means it'll last... about 3 weeks if burned everyday. 

You can find Lotus Secret here

Lastly, but by no means the least this was from the start my favourite, it was the first one I picked up in store, and the first one I smelt and the first one I decided I wasn't going home without, no matter how much suitcase reorganising had to be done. 

This is so light, and clean the scent fills the room without being overpowering or distracting. This is perfect for summer, when houses can get a bit warm and the air a bit clogged. For those of us with Hayfever opening windows and doors during the peak of the day can lead to sneezing fits so sometimes a lighting a little candle can help smooth out the air. Living in a city as I do, near main roads as I do I'd much rather a calm scented room than the smell of petrol.  Described as combining the characteristic sweet earthy fragrance of vetiver and the fresh scent of sage, this is one summer candle that will lift any hot room in to a state of being peaceful and calm.

Each candle is said to burn for 50 hours, which is a great deal of time, allowing the candle to burn for 2 hours initially for a nice even burn. These are general candle rules whether the candle costs £1 or £100. saying that, I've had some beautiful £1 candles out of ever the bargainous homeland that is Primark. 

All three of these totalled at 38.85Euros, which when they retail at £21.00 each here in the UK I thought was a deal not to be missed. 

Have you tried rituals candles? What do you think?

Are there any budget candles you think I should try?


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