Friday Finds! Vol 1


I thought I would share these bargain finds with you on this gloomy Friday. 

In the spirit of keeping myself sane because not buying ANYTHING unless it runs out was making me a little crazy I took a lovely little stroll into primark whilst away for the weekend. My primary aim in Primark was to buy a beach towel however Primark being the place it is, it is almost impossible not to digress and whilst wondering around I came across these two beauties and thought, well, two pairs of shoes for £20 isn't bad in anyone's books! 

I always like to find a nice comfy versatile pair of shoes for summer, I spend so much time in the office and commuting that investing in an expensive makes no sense really.

So above, are my new summer office to bar faves. They are unbelievably comfortable for £12, the black / brown combo is great and the fact that they are different textures really gives them an edge. A comfortable heel with such versatility at such a good price, can't go wrong! These are also coming on my holidays with me. 

I love that they look and feel more expensive than they are. As primark is a mass market sort of place, everyone who sees them on my toes probably already knows where they are from so I couldn't hide it if I wanted to, and I'd never! If I find a bargain, I like to shout about it. 

Below are another 100% on budget, 100% comfortable and 100% snazzy pair, I love the idea of Birkenstocks, but I find them a little big or my child like feet (I'm a size 3) so for me, lookalike options are always the best option. 

I absolutely love the colour combination, all my favourite bikini colours, also, comfy enough to walk around town in, the two days of summer that London had i wore these to flip flop my way around my errands. 

The fact that these cost £8 is incredible, the sole of the shoe isn't flimsy I find it to be quite sturdy and the foot is totally encased as the side of the shoe is slightly raised. I don't expect these to last for years, but I predict they'll last me till the end of summer and even next summer if this summer is a wash out. 

So if you're in the market for a bargain pair of shoes for holidays I would recommend taking a Primark pit-stop because their shoe offering is currently knocking it out the park. 


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