Kylie Cosmetics - Heir Review


Okay, so i caved to the hype and bought a Kylie Jenner liquid lipstick. My budget said no, but my curiously killed my budget and 14 days later this little beauty arrived and it is beautiful the colour is lovely and the payoff is actually quite good I find. Generally I'm a MAC or Estee Lauder girl for lipsticks with a few other brands thrown in, so adding this to the collection is welcome bit of lipstick diversity and it works out at around £25 after all the postage charges.

I do think £25 is a bit much for one lipgloss, seen as this needs a liner, like the liquid lipsticks do and I'm now in search of a matching liner which no doubt will be a test. If anyone has any recommendations let me know in the comments or tweet me @TWC_Blog on twitter. 

The packaging is quirky, as is Kylie herself, so it does reflect her. I do like how each carton is coloured to reflect the colour inside. 

This also smells quite sweet, almost like those banana sweets I had as a kid (anyone remember them? Man I miss woolworths...) so if you're not a fan of sweet smelling lippys this might not be one for you. 

The applicator does glide quite nicely out of the tube, without causing a sticky mess as some glosses do. The applicator on the one I received was fluffy, yet sturdy i know alot of you have had problems with applicators, I'm not entirely sure if there were issues with applicators with Metals as well as the standard Mattes. 

I really like this colour, I'm hoping with a tan, this will be the PERFECT lipstick for day to night for my impending holiday. The above swatch is with two coats. 

So do I think it's worth the money, perhaps if this is your colour, or your a fan of Kylie. 

Have you tried any of Ms Jenners lipglosses or lipsticks? What are your thoughts?


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