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Laqa & Co Cheek Lip - Cray Cray


Told you I like multitasking product. Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip does not disappoint.

Easy to apply, no faffing required. 

To apply to lips, simply either apply with a brush if you prefer, or straight from the bullet. To apply to the cheeks just draw on where you want it. The bullet is quite chunky, so you have to be careful when applying to the lips to use the sides of the products, rather than going full frontal with it, otherwise you could get more product on the outside of your lips than actually on your lips. 

The product pushes up by twisting the bottom of the bullet and for a sample size, this is quite generous, this came along in a BirchBox and I really like it. 

Here is a little swatch of the colour, It is stunning pink/orange tones which won't work for every skin tone, but I did find that you can build the colour, you can get around that and build it to a tone you like. 

I find it easy to move around the face, when applied straight from the bullet it doesn't cake on, like some do. The pigment in this product is quite strong so the harder you push down the more product is pushed onto the skin, the lighter you push down the product is slightly sheer. 

As with most multitasking products in bullet form, apply a bit of lip balm before hand to smooth out the lips and keep them hydrated, then apply the colour on top. Some multitaskers can be drying, I didn't find this with Laqa & Co, but a bit of lip prep is always nice.

I blended out the product on both my lips and cheeks with my fingers, but a brush would do the same job.

Plus, how could I resist a product called Cray Cray?

I also own the Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube (Again, the names, people they're a selling point for me) you can find Laqa & Co products online with Birchbox, here in the UK priced at £16.75, they are an American brand, so if you want to view their entire range, which features a vast array of colours and easy to use products, Convenience for them is key.

Fun fact about the brand, each product is packaged differently and designed by a young artist, who receives a cut of the profit when the product is sold, So even if you're just into buying things for the packaging it comes in, this is a good place to go. 

You can view the Laqa & Co website, here


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