Liz Earle - Botanical Shine


Okay, I confess that I never used to take proper care of my hair. I was a bleaching addict and would do anything to achieve bright, bleach blonde locks and disguising roots as quickly as possible.

That was then.

Now, I am much more committed to achieving thick, luscious locks, after the incident where my fringe literally fell out, and over the past year I have invested more in my hair that I have in say, my teeth (sorry dentist). Opting for more natural haircare options where I can and dosing up on recovery products, as patience isn't exactly my forte, I want long luscious locks yesterday.

In my quest for healthy hair I stumbled upon Liz Earle, Botanical Shine, what first attracted me to the product, was the fact is said it was "nourishing", and my hair is definitely in need of some nourishment.

Whilst yellow in the bottle, it actually pumps out clear, which I found interesting, as through usage the bottle is also clear and doesn't appear to have a yellow tinge. The front claims to protect against heat damage and leave hair with a natural luminous shine.

Containing Coconut oil and Vitamin E this was always going to be a winner in the nourishing awards, they're both ingredients in which their nourishing and hydrating qualities are well documented. 

The reality, I'm not entirely convinced about protecting against heat damage, as I'm not sure how measurable that claim is, but it did make my hair feel amazing and it looks incredibly shiny when I use it, I applied one pump to the lengths and ends when the hair was towel dried, and then half a pump - to one pump - when the hair was styled to the ends for a month.

I noticed at first, the ends seemed to be a little heavy for my fine hair, weighing it down and seeming a little limp, so I adjusted the amount and only applied when it was dry as a ending styling product and love the way my hair feels. 

When applying to curls it was great at adding that shine when the curls moved, instead of just applying a thick layer of hair spray.

Ultimately, it's been a great at helping me restore my ends, as I have frequently  whilst I still have a long way to go, this is a great product for anyone wanting to add a light oil into their haircare routine. It also smells lovely, which lasts on the hair as well, not over powering so it wont over power perfume, but I think it's nice to have that occasional smell of something nice as your hair swishes about.

At £17.50 this wasn't my most frugal purchase, but I do like it. You can find it here, online with Liz Earle, or just pop into Boots, Liz Earle products are now conveniently stocked there too!


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