Outfit 3.2.15


Getting ready is Chaos, unapologetic chaos. I quite like this chaos, it says "I thought about what I was going to put on today"

Blazer +River Island 
This goes with nothing I own, so I've worn it a grand total of 3 times, and price per wear is not good on this, it cost me £60. *vows to wear it more often*

Shirt I see so many people with this shirt, It's from H&M. Cost Per Wear (CPW) is approximately £1, considering it cost £14.99 and I've worn it everywhere.

Jeans +Gap
Please see yesterday's post.
Not even a zombie cat could get me out of these jeans.

Shoes: +River Island
Shoe boots. Another thing I could live in, my daily shoeniform (Shoe uniform) of choice. 

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