¿Cuanto es?


¿Cuanto es? Is a question I should have asked myself in many ways before I purchased something. 

How much is it in money? In space? How much will it cost me later in dry cleaning?

So my first rule of thumb, is HOW MUCH. How much is that in lunches, nights out and memories.  

I have spent the best part of my working life thinking of ways to spend my money. Holidays, shoes, nights out, shoes, handbags and clothes. I have built up, sold and built up again an equivalent to a medium sized boutiques worth of stuff.  That's right, sold. 

I have what I call bouts of doubt, self loathing and realisation that I have too much. 

My wanting to live like a minimalist is frequently usurped by my constant need for the new the shiny and the mildly expensive. 

So hear it is. 2015, the year I vow to clear my overdraft, credit card debt and learn to live within my means and fully attempting to do this 'minimalist' thing I so badly crave.

My debt, is not hugely hideous, but neither is it ideal. 

I hope you're enjoying the journey so far.

Can I also add, that my spending has lead to be also still living at home, this is also caused by my lack of not wanting to share a bathroom or kitchen without them having gone through a rigorous cleanliness check. 

TWC x 

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