Outfit 2.2.15



Blazer +ASOS 

I love this blazer its completely random, It just completes an outfit. The mirrored detailing on the shoulders just adds more jazz. This is my "Monday" blazer, because no matter how unhappy I might be that it's Monday, this blazer will still make me feel like a happy Fashion Blogger.

Shirt +H&M 
I dislike this creams sheer shirt a lot, well, shirts like this. I have no idea why all shirt material is ether hard as nails or so see through everyone can see my bra and no one needs to see my bra. Ever.

Jeans +Gap 
God I love these. The gap legging Jean has been my bottom of choice for some years now. You'll have to prize these from my dead hands before I part with them, in fact I question why I don't own more of these *goes off to buy more* .... Comfy, Versatile, Good amount of stretch, no baggy butt, I could go on, but I have a date with denim...

Shoes +Converse 
I had to walk a lot on Monday, and with a dodgy hip these were my shoe of choice. My feet froze but there's nothing nicer than crisp white converse gleaming in the winter sun. (As I pray it doesn't rain and it ruins them)

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