Personal Shopping at Topshop Oxford Circus


With my love of clothes, personal shopping has always been something I never thought I would do, I mean I don't need any encouragement to buy clothes, or help finding a style. 

But in light of streamlining what I own, and finding my niche, I thought, what would someone else put me in? 

My Personal Stylist was called Hayley, she was lovely. Listening me waffle on about how much anything that's cropped, midi or ruffled really doesn't look okay on me, and anything with a high neck is just a NO GO. 

However, I tried on everything on the rail, some yay, some nay. Wrap front shirts, never gave them a second thought before, now I can see that they do work for me and are in no way mumsy, frumpy or teacher-like. 

Here are a few shots of the morning. 

To book your complimentary session click here, I would recommend it, if you need an overhaul, just a second opinion or to just gather a bit of confidence in clothing choices. You may find yourself walking out of there a confident midi-skirt-ruffled-crop-top-wearing go ge-getter. Who knows. 

(L-R) Outfit 1 - Black skirt, High Neck semi sheer top - Would look gorgeous on someone two cup sizes smaller than me. 
Outfit 2 - LOVED this jumper. Talk about hangover must have. Wasn't sure about the roll neck.
Outfit 3 - LOVED this off duty cool look, couldn't picture the shoes I'd wear with it? Still, This skirt is on my wish list for SS15. 

(L-R) Outfit 4 - LOVED this jacket, but at £185, was slightly out of reach and i wouldn't
of been able to buy anything else. High neck top again, 
Outfit 5 - Wasn't sure on the Joni jeans, high-waisted generally means "Flat Bum" and I prefer a perky bottom, also I was scared to sit down, standing up looked fine, sitting down I was scared I'd split them, like the layered cami.  
Outfit 6 - Bought the top, LOVED these jeans, but the size 8 wouldn't do up... therefore they were staying in the store. 

(L-R) Outfit 7 - LOVED this ensemble. Bought the shirt. found online here.
Outfit 8 - This top was so pretty and isn't available online yet. 
Outfit 9 - Again the Joni jeans, and I know most people under 25 love this high waisted ripped skinny Jean thing, but I detest cold knees and cake, therefore high-waisted is just out of the question. The Paisley shirt is gorge, found here

Outfit 10 - Dress & Biker, great look, I felt to "Teenager" so this was a no. 
Outfit 11 - High necked, tight and just ill fitting. So This was a no. 
Outfit 12 - Bought this dress, loved the style. 

Outfit 13 (Funny, that its Friday 13th) How many ways are they to say No? 

So this is my little collection, 

Margot Leather Boots - Here
 Chambray Shirt - Here
Linen T-Shirt - Here
 Overlay Dress - Here
Wrap front Shirt - Here
 Salt & Peper Jumper Here 

Overall a happy little experiment. Pretty Additions. Happy Valentine's Day to me! 


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