TWC Begins


Here is a little background before we commence the cleansing. 

I heard about Stuffocation several years ago whilst attending a university lecture by leading trend experts WGSN. At the time I thought, pah, I mean really? Who doesn't know when they have enough stuff? In my young mind I believed could never let my life be taken over and sometimes run by what I own, how I dressed or what shade of lipstick I wore. Fast forward a few years and here I am wondering how on earth I've filled 3 wardrobes (one triple door, the others two doors) I've filled floor space and cupboards and boxes under the bed.

Stuffocation isn't instant. It creeps up on you like a long lost relative at a wedding and hugs you so tight you can’t breathe and then asks you why you aren't married yet. 

Whenever I donate, or sell one item I buy 10. There was a logic in there somewhere but it is now lost on me. 

Here is my attempt to wear everything I own, some of it with tags on a year after I bought it, and sell what no longer suits me or quite frankly doesn't fit. 

There will be pictures of me in clothes too tight, too big, and not even done up and you will question what is really going on here, but just stay with me. 

I will confess when I have shopped, and celebrate when I have resisted. 

This experiment has been a long time coming, if you have any experiences of Stuffocation please get in touch in the comments or tweet me, we can escape Stuffocation together. 

So welcome to the chaos. Expect no fancy photography, no snazzy photo shoots (at least not until the weather picks up) please follow me on Twitter and Instagram for preblog post images, thoughts and confessionals. This is full frontal honesty. 

Thank you in advance for reading!

Lots of love 


OUTFIT: Converse, Leather Skirt - River Island, Vest top and Cardigan both Topshop. 

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