Spa @ The Mondrian Blackfriars, London.


With it's own dedicated spa lift, the Spa @ The Mondrian hotel in Blackfriars, London impresses on first encounter. 

The Mondrian Hotel is a beautiful hotel, with an array of drinking establishments available for guests, and visitors alike, this beautiful spa is a wonderful added bonus. Located along the south of the river it's easily reached and is a short walk from Blackfriars station. 

The Beautiful décor a and wonderful staff, who are incredibly helpful, offering a full tour of the amenities before leaving you to change and either have your treatment, or relax. 

I chose to relax in the beautiful relaxation room, which unfortunately I don't have any photos of as their were other people relaxing there and I didn't want to disturb them, before having my signature full body massage. 

The Soveral custom massage is wonderful, you're talked through what you want from the massage, I opted for relaxing, so the therapist mixed a gorgeous blend of oil and got to work on my knots. There was fifty minutes of pure relaxation, a full body massage is a wonderful thing to experience once in a while, completed with a personal blend of aromatic oils which really adds to the experience. An added bonus is that you get to take a little piece of this experience home with you, whilst I was relaxing after my massage in the relaxation room the therapist came and saw me and handed me my own special blend of oils, I'm yet to try it at home, but should the day come when I need to transport myself back to pure relaxation i'll be popping out my little oil sample. Its not little at all btw, it's 

I loved this little dressing area, everything was so clean and thought out, with very flattering lighting!

After a wonderful afternoon of relaxing I headed up to the Rumpus room for an evening of champagne and cocktails it had such a warm atmosphere, filled with chatter and music. I cant fault the table service, everyone was very accommodating. 

The view from the Rumpus room is incredible, London can be a beautiful city sometimes. 

I would definitely recommend the Agua Spa at The Mondrian for a treat, as well as a little visit to the Rumpus Room, or the Sea Containers if heights make you feel a little queasy.


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