Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder, Modern Muse Le Rouge


This Week I'm loving, Estee Lauder Modern Muse, Le Rouge. I recently had my Dad snap this up at the airport in Istanbul, because when life gives you a travelling parent, you take full advantage of all their duty-free privileges.

I really like this, I didn't expect to, and with Kendall Jenner the face of it, I sort of didn't want to. I don't identify with her. She is stunning and a fantastic model, I just don't think my demographic particularly identify with her (I'm knocking on a bit you know).

However, putting Kendall aside, I do really like this.

The scent is easily transferable between day and night, this is quite a statement perfume, it has a strong initial scent and lingers for hours.  Part of the Modern Muse range from Estee Lauder, I actually prefer this one against all the others. To me it smells quite fruity, but sophisticated fruity and not bath wash fruity. Whilst it's described as having floral undertones, to me it the almost spiced fruit like, with a hint a rose and vanilla once settled. It is the floral tones which settle and linger for a while. I do find a little goes a long way with this one or two sprays and I'm pretty much set for the day! 

You can pick it up here, from Estee Lauder. 


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