Acclenz - Advanced Action Spot Gel


We all get blemishes from time to time. That one spot that just creeps up out of nowhere, then suddenly invites all his mates around for a big spot party. The key spot busting ingredient has always been salicylic acid, so it's a key ingredient to watch out in the hunt for something that is going to get the job done. (Although for those of us with sensitive skin, I recommend Cloud 9 Skin solutions clarity gel, which doesn't contain salicylic , but gets the job done)

My new hero is the Dr Nick Lowe Acclenz advanced action spot gel. I am prone to spots on my chin, but have to be careful in treating them, because of my friend Rosacea, and spot treatments which are Rosacea friendly, generally don't work as fast I want, or need them to. Advanced Action Spot gel, is not only fast, but kind on my skin. I've been applying this twice daily to a stubborn spot on my right temple, after 24 hours, that not-so-little bugger was well on its way to being banished to whatever depths it came from. 

The new Acclenz range launched last year and is a full range formulated for effective blemish solutions and has a patent pending. I've been a Dr Lowe fan for some years, I was an avid Supercharged Day Cream user for many years.

Containing Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, Chamomile & Allantoin alongside eucalyptus, this is really a spot gel for those of us in a blemish crisis, and those of us with persistent blemishes. 

Reasons I love this, 

It's really light. 
I find some spot gels to be quite thick, that they almost leave a film over the skin, making it near on impossible to cover up.

It's cool. 
I found the formula to be quite cooling, which when you've got a great big angry friend trying to grow on your face, that is definitely a must have aspect of a spot treatment. 

It's not perfumed. 
The only scent in this is the chamomile and the eucalyptus, which is rather faint, and doesn't linger.

Strong Ingredients list.
If you're ever going to trust anyone to create a genuine effective product, it'll be a dermatologist, who has a wealth of knowledge, not only the Spot Gel, but the entire Acclenz range it build on the scientifically proven ingredients, and a wealth of testing. 

I am also trialling the Acclenz, Anti-Blemish serum, review to be posted soon! Both products are part of my March finds post, HERE


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