March Beauty Finds


 March Finds! 

So this month, I've discovered a few little skincare and haircare bits and pieces, here is the low down.

Phyto is a brand I love, if you follow me on Instagram you'll know I recently had to rush out and try and save a smashed dry oil, because I dropped it and it shattered, everywhere. The Phtyokeratine extreme leave in treatment. I've been using this as a pre-drying treatment to protect from styling. Since I cut my hair I'm styling more often so need added protection, I find this is perfect for de-frizzing without it weighing down my hair. The biggest test will be how it holds up in the summer, but so far with this wishy-washy weather we've been having in London, all good on the frizz-front.

Pai, Rosehip BioRegenerate mask. The packaging should have given me a clue, but I wasn't expecting this to be yellow, however that is beside the point. I love Pai in general, so when I saw this was good for redness, how could I resist? I've used this twice so far, and saw instant benefits, after a long day and some time spent in the tub this has brought some life back into my skin sucked out by London's pollution and a unhealthy addiction to having the heating on full blast all day. I also love the muslin cloth aspect of this, which whilst it is gentle, really gives the sense that I have wiped away the day. Containing Rosehip which is supposedly good for Rosacea, I have found the total opposite by the way, this was a surprise, it's the first Rosehip product that has actually worked for me.

I have to be careful with exfoliating, but sometimes my skin just NEEDS a refresh. I wanted to give this a go, not because it was for sensitive skin, but because of the "Mask" aspect. Limited amount of scrubbing sounded good to me. After gently massaging into the skin, you leave it and it transforms into a mousse like texture, bubbling away, once all the bubbles are gone you're free to rinse all in all it takes about 5 minutes, which is great amount of time for me. I will say that my skin was quite pink initially with this, but by the morning it had gone down. I wouldn't use if my Rosacea was flaring, but as I've got it under control at the moment I thought it was worth the risk. From M&S, here.

Lastly, but by no means any less is the Advanced Action Spot Gel and the Anti-Blemish Serum from the Acclenz™ range from Dr Lowe. The Anti-Blemish serum is patent pending, which makes it truly unique and after grilling the Dr Lowe team, not only is this serum great for those of us with temperamental skin, it's great for those of us with Rosacea. I've been applying the Spot Gel were needed and the serum twice daily and so far, so good! My skin feels amazing, I've noticed a dramatic reduction is blemishes and redness, after one boozy night last week,  I half expected for my genius skincare routine to show cracks in the surface, but nope, still looking good. You can check out the range here.

Have you tried any of the above? What are your thoughts?


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