Smelling like an Aries...


I got this for Christmas from Selfridges, and really love the idea. 

Whilst I'm not completely in to Horoscope's, this is such a great idea especially if your flabbergasted at the array of scents available and need to narrow it down, this would be a great little experiment. So this is my Aries selection and my thoughts.

First thing I noticed with this pack of perfumes, were the cute little scent sticks included so you can test each of the perfumes on before putting them on the skin. 

I prefer to spray them onto my skin, so I know how they smell on me, but this was such a cute little addition to the selection. 

So, onto the perfumes. 

I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if the Terry De Gunzburg Ombre Mercure was for men or not, so I had to do a little google. It says "parfum" but it is called "Ombre Mercure" after much googling, I can confirm it seems to be for women. This smells like Love Heart sweets, I won't waffle on about flowers, and vanilla, but if you want to know what it smells like, pop to your local corner shop and purchase a packet of love heart sweets and give them a wiff and you'll get the idea. It's strong initially and lingers for quite a while but settles well. This perfume isn't very me, but I certainly wouldn't mind someone sitting next to me on the tube wearing it. If you like a statement smell this one if is for you. However at £109 per 100ml, it is a treat you can find it here.

Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street, is definitely a man smell. I can confirm that I did not need further clarification on this one. I like it. It's very mature, I wouldn't recommend for anyone under the age of about 35, It'll smell like you've stolen your dad's cologne. If you're looking for a memorable scent for an older male friend, lover or relative this could be the one. It's very easy on the nose, and is really pleasant. It does remind me of a Chaucers Canterbury Tales walk I went on when I was at school, aside from that it is beautifully smelling. You can find it here and it's £65 for 50ml from House of Fraser, here. . 

Alameda De Robert Piguet is described as a being extravagant and rich, at a £160 per 100ml I can agree with that statement (Selfridges, here) I'll be brutally honest. The undertones of this smells like the drip tray at the pub I worked in as a student, initially it smells like Talc. I would be moving seats on the tube if someone got on and sat next to me with this on. This one was not for me. 

Cartier La Panthere. (£51 for 30ml, Selfridges, here) I find this quite soft and light and almost Soap like. It is clean and fresh and I would say, it would be lovely for Spring / Summer because it's quite a Happy scent. 

Narciso Rodriguez for her, is a lovely perfume, light and creamy, floral but not over powering and perfect for Spring / Summer. It's quite a young scent, but at £59 for 50ml it is one of the more affordable perfumes in this selection. (Boots, here)

Miller Harris, La Fumee. This is quite spicy I find, almost church incense like and a little on the masculine side for me and at £155 per 100ml this is another perfume at the top end of the budget scale, you can find it online with Miller Harris, here

Versace Eros, Eau De Toilet, for Men. I'm not a huge fan of this, which is okay, because It's not aimed at me. Again, I wouldn't be offended if someone wore this on a tube and sat next to me, but it can quickly become over powering if sprayed more than once consecutively. At only £47.50 for 100ml (John Lewis, here) It is very strong and a mature, older scent, again, I wouldn't recommend or expect to smell this on someone under the age of about 35. 

Fracas, another Robert Piguet scent, for women.£95 for 50ml from Harrods, here. The lily scent is strong in this, so avoid if you're not a fan of Lilys, like Alameda, it's very strong scent wise and at the high end of of the budget. 

Lastly, Jimmy Choo Illicit, I like this, light undertones of talc, sweet and almost floral, Sweeter than Jimmy Choo Flash but it settles well. Something you would catch as the wind blew and would be sweetly surprised by the settled in smell. It's also at the more affordable end of the budget, £42.00 (Boots, here) for the EDP, 40ml.

The little pouch it comes in is also LOVELY. 

Have you tried any of the above? Did you get one of these at Christmas? 


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