Manuka Doctor - CC Cream SPF 20


Manuka Doctor is a brand that has been on my radar for about 2 years or so now, I first tried their Bee Venom mask way back in 2013 (definitely check that one out if you can) and really liked it. Originally from New Zealand, the Manuka Doctor brand is built upon Manuka Honey, and uses the highest performing ingredients gathered from the bee hive. The all natural products contain no parabens or SLS making them ideal for those of us with sensitive skin. 

A brand, which is primarily directed at women it claims to put "women’s needs and concerns at the core of everything it does". 

So with such strong foundations, a brand created for women, I thought I would give this a go, as I've been on the hunt for a lighter coverage.

The CC cream is part of their apirefine range, which claims to be perfect for high definition.  

One pump actually delivers quite a lot of product, if you ask me. 

This CC cream is designed enhance radiance, whilst colour correcting, I did find it slightly on the sheer side for me, after the colour which came out seemed very promising.

The texture was light and creamy and it glided on to the skin and did offer an even sheen to skin, whilst I wasn't I wasn't overly keen on the final result, it didn't mask my redness as much as I wanted, It is overall a lovely product. Perfect for day to day, or if you naturally have great skin and just want something to balance and ad a touch of coverage.

Below is the swatch when blended into the skin.

I can say that it does leave a lovely sheen to the skin, and is a perfect base for foundation, if you want to appear slightly more dewy, without having to crack the highlighter out. I'm not sure about the claim to reduce wrinkles, this would need to be tested over time to confirm.

I would recommend this for fair - light/medium skin tones, It doesn't actually say which colour it is on the box, or tube, so I'm assuming that it is a one size fits all product.

You can find the Manuka Doctor CC Cream here, for £19.99, and if you join the Manuka Doctor rewards program, you get a £1.90 credit back with this purchase. 

Have you tried this? What did you think?


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