February Finds


Not too late on this one then... So better late than never, these are my February finds. 

First up on the list, something I've wanted to try for ages. There is a lot of hype around Charlotte Tilbury, and personally, I love her Lipsticks, but haven't had much chance to try the rest of the range. 

With all my skincare concerns at the moment, I am over cautious sometimes. I threw caution to the wind and thought I would try this mostly because of the words "Baby skin", so what did i think?

Firstly, aesthetics. I love the packaging the rose gold lid and the underlining pattern of the tube. The Goddess Skin Clay Mask boasts that it visibly lifts, smoothes, brightens & tightens pores for Baby Skin.

On first thoughts of it being a clay mask I did expect it to be thick and hard to apply however i was surprised by the light texture and how easy it is to move around and apply an even layer on to my face. It dries quickly and honestly, 10 minutes is not a long time to wait. My skin did feel and look brighter, it was definitely hydrated, I honestly  didn't expect to like this, or for my skin to tolerate it. So I was pleasantly surprised on all fronts. At £45 this really is a little luxury treat and at only 75ml it really is on the pricey side, but a lovely little skincare treat if you're in the market to treat yourself. 

Now, I have had acrylics for the majority of my adult life, so when I break one, or it snaps off this is now my go to. I've also used this on my toes, we're only a few months away from flip-flop season and I want an enviable pedicure. I tried this first my thumb after I lost an acrylic *Eye Roll* and it was a week before I could get to the manicurist. In that time I was surprised at how well this worked which is why I started using it on my toes, two weeks in I'm really happy with progress, come summer I will not be shying away from the flip-flops, hell, I may even give my nails a break from the acrylics and really give this a go. A bargainous £7.95 from Look Fantastic here

Last year I used the Nurture retinol day cream, which worked for a while and sadly ended up irritating my skin. Nurture is a wonderful brand so when I came across this, I needed it in my skincare kit. The Nurture day cream SPF15 is lovely, its creamy and is heavier than I would normally go for in a day cream, but with the SPF15 this is the ideal day cream for me. 

I tend to get dry around the 3pm mark, and this really solves that. My make up stays longer and whilst it is thick, actually it dries pretty quickly. 

Whilst it's not actually marketed at me, it is an anti-ageing cream and designed for the maturer skin, I would suggest that anyone with persistent dry skin, give this a go, a snip at £13.95 from Health Span, here so worth a shot if your in the market for a new day cream. 

Now, ethics isn't something I comment on regularly. We all know we should be a little more aware of our effect on the wider environment and on that note, introducing my new Micellar water by Sukin 

This is the first thing I've tried from the brand and have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised. One of the shortest ingredient lists ever and the light vanilla scent makes a pre-cleanse pleasant. Free from, SLS, SLES, synthetic fragrance, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, propylene glycol, artificial colours, triethanolamine, mineral oils, EDTA, parabens, So it;s on the good side of skincare AND it has an expiry date so it's all good to me.  

I'll be straight, lip treatment wasn't something I thought about previously. but after trying this, I love it. Which is why it's in my February finds. Designed to anti-age the lip area, where we are prone to smile lines and for the smokers of amongst us, smoking tell-tale signs too. Apply to the top, bottom and corners of the mouth and massage in, The light texture is like that of the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm, but smoother and less thick. The 0-Zone is smoother, and firmer, whilst I don't have persistent lines, I am using this as a preventative and so far loving the results. 

Last, but by no means less! 

I've been looking for an Eye Primer forever and this one is definitely the one for me. I prefer the cream texture, it's easy to apply and its flesh coloured, so that when i apply eye shadow on top the pigment of the eyeshadow is not diluted by the coloured base. 

I like the staying power of this, I like the texture and how easy it is to blend. I've used Lola shadows in the past, and currently using a Lola finishing brush for my foundation, Sadly, this is currently not available on M&S anymore, and for the life of me I cant find it anywhere, But if you happen to pass this in an M&S would definitely say it's worth a try!

So there we have it, my February Finds! 


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