The Cost Of Just Being Me.


Whilst I can be quite high maintenance with keeping my body and skin in tip top condition. I've always stood by the fact that actually, I'm quite low-maintenance on the whole as I invest more time than I do Money. I work in the Beauty Industry so I, very luckily, have access to a lot of amazing products and brands.

I recently read a post on The Covetuer (here) about how much it costs to be low maintenance  So I got to thinking, on how much I spend just being me. 


So, I've had highlights since I was 14. I worked in a hairdressers between the ages of 14-18 so free highlights was one of the perks every few months. Out in the real world highlights/lowlights and general hair maintenance costs: 

Toner (Every Month) £17.50 x 12 = £210
Highlights (4 Times a year) £117 x 4 = £468
Cuts (4 Times a year) £42 x 4 =£168

Total: £846


I have Rosacea so IPL is an essential. I haven't had IPL since late 2013 but I am planning two facials over the summer months. I won't include products in this, as that's hard to predict, and In all honesty I spend more on longer lasting treatments than products. 

(IPL £400 x 2 = £800 - Potentially)
Lash Extensions (in the summer may-august), £70 x 4 = £280
Eyebrow Tinting & Waxing (every 6 weeks) £26 x 9(ish) = £234

Total: £1314


Gym Membership £68 x 12 = £816 
Waxing (Every month - ish) £49 x 12 = £588
Pedicures (Every month - ish) £20 x 12 = £240
False Nails (Twice a month on average) £15 x 24 = £360

Total: £2004

Total Overall £4164 Per Year. 

How much is too much? How much should you spend per year on "Maintenance" in relation  to your income? 20%? 30%? 40%? Time to have a maintenance clear out I think.. 


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