February Clothes Spend


As promised, I will be confessing my Monthly clothes spend.

So here it goes,

I was sick. So I pity shopped.

I was feeling a bit blergh. So I cheered myself up by shopping.

So in total, I spent £261.27. So Frugal February did not go to plan, but it went better than expected. I would say about 70% of that was bought with a credit card. I am in no way condoning using a credit card. or even debating using it to purchase non essential items. I will be returning a few of the items later on this week.

March, I am to be better. I aim to not shop for clothes at all. We are 5 days in, and temptation is everywhere. I managed to not shop until Boxing Day in December, So, My aim is not to shop until the 28th March. At which point i will need to purchase a birthday outfit.

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How much would you spend in an average month on clothes? What would be your average.


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