Outfits W/C 16th March


This week's outfits. 

So I am slowly, but surely, working my way into the very depths of my wardrobe to uncover things I haven't worn in some time, or have never worn. 

With the ever changing weather and temperature it's hard to plan ahead. Thankfully, I have an army of coats and scarves to allow me to wear the following outfits. 


Denim shirt by +Gap Scarf by Alexander McQueen, Necklace by Primark. 


St Patrick's Day. Honouring the day with these Teal/Green trousers, Topshop white tee and H&M textured blazer. In all honesty, these trousers look better on the hanger than they do on me, I almost feel like It's only acceptable to wear them when I get away with flip-flops. The sun may be shining, but my pedicured feet are staying firming in closed two boots. 


All Black is required today. So I'm utilising the chunky Reiss necklace I wore last week again. This necklace could easily weigh 7lbs. In fact I may weigh it. (Watch this space)


I'm not sure if this is floral, or leopard print. I Do love it. I'm not sure it hangs right on me. So this may be one for sale! (Only 29ish other dresses to get through)


Another T-Shirt dress, what can i say, if it works it works. Head -to-toe Primark and proud. 

Overall, a good week for 3 things I never wear. The Primark Trousers and Burgandy dress, as well as the River Island T-Shirt dress. 

Do you have a Summer Wardrobe? Even if you don't wear something, and it doesn't suit you, do you still hold on to it? 

I do both of these things. I think, between you and me, I'm going to have to break up with a few of these things in my wardrobe, both for physical and head space. 


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