Marketing Campaigns. Friend or Foe?


As far as saving goes, I'm still a rookie. So, I decided part of my "Stuffocation" process was to find out WHY I own so much stuff, some of it is down marketing. So here is my current plan to quit the habit of falling for marketing campaigns.

Did you know, approximately 80% of celebrities, (Could be higher) and popular personalities get sent certain high profile brands to flaunt on their arms sent to them or loaned to them from PR Agencies. To make you want to buy a piece of the shiny new bag pie.

I’ll let you into a little secret, part of my degree was marketing. That’s right, I learned how to trick people into buying stuff. Yet I am sometimes no wiser to steering clear.
We all want that perfectly flawless skin, or those fitted jeans that will transform you into a leggy blonde model… no?

The advertising world is full of exaggerated truths.
1.       You are perfectly perfect just the way you are. No amount of expensive jeans is going to increase your self-worth.
2.       Unfortunately, a subscription to Photoshop isn’t included in the price of the foundation (nor is it needed)

Ways in which you’re targeted by a marketing campaign.

Whether it’s Fear, Value or Trendsetting we are all emotionally motivated to make purchases. We fear not having the latest and the newest will see us being left out by our peers, we’re motivated if we feel we’re getting Value for our money and nothing makes you feel better than be ahead of the crowd and feeling like an “insider”

“Free Postage” – Oh yes, down with paying the postman to bring me my goods…
How many times have you spent an extra £10 to save £3 on postage? … Are you really getting a deal?
5 of the most powerful marketing words are:

A foundation can never SAVE you or give you LOVE, it can never GUARANTEE the best RESULTS (everyone's skin is different) for everyone and stressing about if it can is not good for your HEALTH.

Ever get texts from online brands? Click through the link and suddenly a day or two later there’s a new pair of shoes arriving? By making yourself constantly available and allowing companies to text you mean you can purchase on the go, during your lunch break, journey to or from work and in a split second, without knowing if you really want the item.

My Steps:
My mission is to become more aware of campaigns alerting me to things I genuinely need, a new oven for example, and when a campaign is playing on my insecurities.

I often skip the first few pages of fashion magazines because they’re full of adds, full of things I can’t afford. My new goal is to also skip out on the reading the marketing emails. As someone who has grown up with Marketing emails and written a few, I am much more likely to purchase through an email than I am through seeing an advert in a magazine.

How often do you purchase something because you aspire to be like the person in the campaign? Does E-Mail and text marketing annoy you?


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