It cost how much?


I can honestly say that sometimes I amaze myself with the hard earned money I am willing to part with for a bag, pair of shoes, or sometimes even an item of clothing.
It’s true, we can all fall victim to a label, brand or marketing campaign (check out my post on Marketing Campaigns here).
I have come up with 3 simple steps to stick to when something beyond your wage catches your eye:

1.       Can you ask for it as a present? – This is important, do you have a Birthday or is Christmas on the horizon? If so is this something you could ask your parents / other family members to chip in for? If not, try this simple step – How many nights out can it buy? Would you rather enjoy being social or give up that time with your friends for said expensive object? If not WALK AWAY.
2.     As yourself if you REALLY want it – Or is it in a prime place on a magazine page and you think, mmm, that’ll sound nice when I say I own it e.g. “Yeah, I just teamed my Victoria Beckham tote with a simple black dress for the interview” Put it back, the person you’ve just said that to is thinking you’re an Idiot. Conclusion: WALK AWAY.  (P.S I really want a VB tote, but alas, I cannot have one)(P.P.S I Once wore my Alexander McQueen scarf on a night out with a £7.99 Jersey dress from H&M just for the comments)
3.     Would you save and wait for it? – If so, make a note, and start saving! If not, it’s an impulse purchase and you should… WALK AWAY.

These steps work if something is worth £50 or £500. If you’re on a budget and genuinely saving money every penny counts, so unless you really need it put it down, accept you can’t have it right now and walk away.

Easiest way to acceptance? Try thinking about this:

It’s okay to not have everything you want. If we had everything we wanted we would not be driven to succeed and the world would just stop. Knowing that you earned something through saving for it, or using a bonus to purchase something you really want or to be a bit closer to whatever your life’s “Dream” is (like owning house) is far more rewarding than impulse purchases, and the credit card debt that comes with them isn’t a bundle of joy either. 

It takes a long time to reach the realisation of what you spend, often you realise what you've gotten yourself into when you can no longer keep up the rat race of credit card payments. 

3 Deep Breaths, you can resist temptation. 

My life has been run by my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. It is now time to take charge. 


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