Spring Trends I Own


Every time the seasons changed, we are hit with the changing trends headlines in magazines, Twitter feeds, and on our Facebook timelines. 

This season, I thought I would search through my wardrobe to see what trends I already own, and which ones I really want to be involved in, and if they work for me. 

The 70s are big again this Spring/Summer and whilst I LOVE fringing, I can't pull it off. Flares, at 5ft 3 inches, is not recommended.  However, I do own a lovely garish print sleeveless shirt which has a 70s Vibe. 

Whilst the dress has more of a 60s swing vibe the crochet adds an element of the 70s to it. The shirt is +River Island and the dress is +Topshop 

Monochrome is something I can do really well, November - February. The moment it gets a bit brighter, I prefer to inject some colour into my wardrobe throughout the (what I'm hoping will be) warmer months. 

Shimmer & Shine, 
I currently Don't own anything of this category. So I have decided to incorproate this trend into my make up look, rather than my clothes. Think highlighters, a shimmery eyeshadow and a neutral lipgloss. 

Whilst, I'm not a huge overly floral loving person. I look a bit like ive run away with my Grandmothers curtains in most floral things. I do own a few pieces which i could work into my SS15 wardrobe.  

Is a big colour for Spring / Summer 15 & lucky for me is one of my favourite colours to wear. Here are my favourite blue hues: 

Blazer from +ASOS and dress from +H&M 

Do you look through your wardrobe to see what pieces you could make on trend? Or would you rather buy new? 


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