TWC's first carboot sale. 

When your in the frame of mind for Change and someone offers you to go to carboot and offload all of the clothes that don't fit or suit you, you should take it. 

I learnt a lot over the course of a few hours, the main thing being I need a new car, but I figure I should review my experience first...

Important things:

1) never buy anything if in a few months time someone tries to buy it for 20p 
2) if your not willing to house something and wear it till it falls apart or vanishes into your mothers/sisters/aunts/best friends wardrobe for all eternity DONT BUY IT.
3) clear outs are therapeutic. Lord knows I'm a bit of a hoarder of things that have no significance. Havinf a clearout and watching people get excited about buying shoes they saw months ago in store now being at a carboot is a happy feeling. 
4) always car boot with your best friend and a reliable car. (I broke down on the m25 at 6:30am and my best friend came to find me) Eternly grateful for best friends. Carboot sales can also get bonkers, you need someone you can trust, laugh with and talk to all day. 

You learn a lot about limits at car boots. The limit of your physical car boot, the limit of wardrobes, bank balances, tiredness, other peoples bank balances. 

I didn't make a whole heap of money, but I made enough to warrant it a successful trip and I didn't have to brave the post office on my lunch hour like I do with EBay. I did make space, mentally and physically in my wardrobe. 

I would recommend doing a carboot sale to everyone, it's a long damn day, but it's a brilliant lesson and experience. 

I went to the Chorleywood carboot, would definitely recommend it! There's also a place that does a decent coffee for a £1, which when you get up at 5am is a necessity. 


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